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Heather Scott in the Cross Hairs of the Local Liberals

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Being Attacked for Doing Her Job!

There is a reason Heather Scott has been in the cross hairs of the local liberal mob: She’s doing her job! She has been effective in helping to halt the erosion of our personal liberties and Constitutional Rights here in North Idaho. She is engaged with her constituents. Heather understands the nature of her employment with ALL the citizens of her district, not just those who voted for her: she works for US! The good citizens of District 1 are not here for her benefit, she is there for OUR benefit. She gets that. Heather understands that throwing good money after bad is not going to fix any broken system (and so many of our systems are broken). She understands that the changes and corrections that are necessary for our growth and progress will be painful in the short term for all of us in one way or another. That is terrifying to those who favor the nanny state approach to life. The independent spirit that North Idahoans are known for should be coming to our rescue. Our American ingenuity should be kicking in to resolve some of these issues without continuing to flog the property owners and the small businesses which keep our local economy running with evermore burdensome regulations, taxes and fees.

Like so many self-employed North Idahoans, I’ve watched my income plummet as quickly and as deeply as my customers have while my operating costs and tax obligations are skyrocketing. I’ve had to re-work my budget, tighten the belt, restructure my operation and get creative with financial responsibilities. I expect the same of my neighbors, the school district and all other governing agencies. It’s time to get back to the basics. We all need to learn the difference between a need and a want. If we did that, we would all be better off.

Heather Scott is already deep in the trenches working for those creative solutions that can bring private, charitable NGO’s, government agencies and corporate parties and resources together for the benefit of all North Idahoans. She’s also on the front line and obviously in the line of fire in the war on our personal liberties and Constitutional Rights. If personal choice is important to you, then the clear choice is Heather Scott. If you want your child to get an education that will allow him/her to compete outside of Idaho; if you want to see our economy grow, your personal and Constitutional rights and liberties secured, balanced budgets, responsible spending, limited and reasonable taxation or responsible regulation and preservation practices to secure all of our natural resources, then you have to vote for Heather Scott.

Rhonda M Nelson

Sandpoint, Idaho

1 Comment on Heather Scott in the Cross Hairs of the Local Liberals

  1. Heather has had a uphill battles in Botzee with other state legislators. They do not care for her conservative ideas. That is why she has difficulty getting bills passed!

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