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If you find a candidate that has done as many jobs…..

Schuman candidate

If you find a candidate that has done as many jobs as I and possess a better all-around qualifications I will vote for them. THE BUCK STOPS HERE.


Multiple people have addressed the idea of a public debate between the Sheriff Candidates of Boundary County. I would support the idea of conducting a debate for at least 1 hour, where each candidate identifies the problems they see with the office and share their plan on how to resolve those problems. Then at least 1 hour of a forum. Limited amount of questions per person, so no monopolizing is conducted, but let the people speak. I don’t need to check with any organization, I am ready for it. Just name the time and place.

I have been labeled by the people as a Constitutional Sheriff. I wear that label proudly, mainly because it is not self-imposed. I announced my candidacy about 3 years ago and have constantly shared my plans and qualifications. Any questions go to:

E-mail: &

Facebook: “Dave Schuman” or “Think Sheriff Vote Schuman” or “Making it happen – The Think Sheriff Vote Schuman campaign”

Website: @

As a WRITE – IN Candidate for Boundary County Sheriff, I realize there are all kinds of other labels that people want to put on me. I would love to see an election that is won by the person that is the best qualified all around versus the one that plays with the system.

Another label is the “anti-politician”. Others are very derogatory, where others truly get the point across.

I am not the guy that is going to dangle a carrot such as being a member of the Sheriff’s Posse in front of you to garner your support. Anybody that has the desire and can pass the standards will be welcomed. It is that simple. Even if you don’t vote me.

A statement I have to all those that might read this is, “when you need an auto mechanic, do you go to the person that is mechanically inept? I say no, you go to best around. When you pick your next Sheriff of Boundary County, I suggest to you that as far as the candidate best equipped to make the appropriate, positive steps forward, I would be that person. If you find someone with a better, well rounded, job experience and qualification record, let me know. If it is a fact, I will vote for that person. You should be looking for a candidate that will get the job done above standards and would not need additional training. Again, I submit to you, that I am that candidate.” I live this job, so it is more important to me than the average person.

Being a Constitutionally based Peace Officer that was blessed very early in my career with having excellent leadership that instilled a solid foundation in which my career is based off of.

  1. The Constitution is the supreme law of the land. The Constitution is in place to limit the amount of restraints attempted to be imposed upon by the government. A true defender of the Constitution does not run from those facts or only support it when the situation benefits themselves, it is 24/7/365 job.
  2. The Bill Of Rights is a document recorded by man, but bestowed by God and not to be modified or tampered with in any way. A true protector of those rights does so in a fair and equal manner for ALL Americans.

Within our very first right, or amendment it mentions freedom of speech, or of the press.

Jim Morrison said, “Whoever controls the media, controls the mind.” I am by no means attempting to control anything, just constantly pursuing the truth and facts and to share those truths and facts.

I believe when the media crosses the line of reporting facts and truths then they are giving endorsements and attempting to mislead the people I serve. Unfortunately, mainstream media has a tendency to conduct themselves in this manner. Thus turning themselves into the very same type of politicians they have a tendency to bash.

Some believe that the mere printing of an article by a media source constitutes an endorsement. Point to ponder, the National Enquirer prints a lot of information, but to use that publication as a source of factual information is ill advised.

I will always support, defend and protect every person’s rights. That is what defines me. The fact that I am consistent helps solidified and separate me from many other candidates for any office.

There was a series of meetings between the community and the Boundary County Commissioners in regards to the refugee resolution they eventually submitted to Governor Otter. I was the first candidate in on this and the last candidate to leave. I did so to ensure ALL parties were treated in a fair and equal manner.

A demonstration was conducted in Bonners Ferry that was supporting and protesting the purposed plan of refugees coming to Boundary County. I was the only Sheriff candidate present. And I did so to ensure ALL parties were treated in a fair and equal manner.

Bundy situation in Nevada, standoff at refuge in Oregon, the death of Lavoy Finicum, be it whatever the situation, one of my first questions has always been, “Where was the County Sheriff?” My supporters know where I will be and that is in the position of ALL parties are treated in a fair and equal manner.

Politicians have a perverse definition of many things. Be it the meaning of friendship, truthfulness or dedication to duty.

It is because of that fact that I am proud to be a true Constitutional Peace Officer and a Statesman of Idaho and plan on removing as much politics as possible from the operations of the Boundary County Sheriff Office.

Thank you and God Bless America.

Dave Schuman,

WRITE IN Candidate for Boundary County Sheriff 2016

P.O BOX 967, Bonners Ferry, Id. 83805