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Vote for a Consummate Liberal or a Conservative Advocate Representative

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On November 8, are you going to vote for a consummate liberal or a conservative advocate for the people?

That’s what it comes down to in the race for State Representative in District 1A.  Here’s a comparison between our representative, Heather Scott, and her opponent:

  • Scott is for lower taxes … her opponent hasn’t yet met a tax or levy she doesn’t like.
  • Scott is a champion of small business, endorsed by NFIB/Idaho, which represents 5,000 small-business members … her opponent has a track record of supporting crony capitalism to the tune of millions of taxpayer money.
  • Scott has a family-farm background and is endorsed by the Farm Bureau … her opponent isn’t seen much outside the confines of Sandpoint.
  • As an aquatic biologist, Scott understands what it takes to keep our lakes and streams pure… her opponent has no background and is silent on the issue.
  • As a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, Scott helped make permit-less carry a reality in Idaho … her opponent avoids taking a position on gun rights.
  • Scott is pro-life … her opponent refuses to provide with her position on this and other key issues.
  • Scott supports traditional marriage … her opponent posted on facebook that “Gay Marriage is a slippery slope to Awesome Weddings!”
  • Scott rejects special-interest privileges like LGBTQ … whereas her opponent pushed through a citywide anti-discrimination ordinance for LGBT, unsupported by Idaho Code.
  • Scott serves on the board of God’s Provisions Thrift Shop in Priest River … her opponent serves as M.C. and participant in the Follies, a sexually-explicit and religion-mocking fundraiser held annually in Sandpoint.

Dee Miller

Hope, Idaho

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