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A Choice for District One Senate – Idaho

In order to accomplish this mission, he believes a change is needed in Boise. If you feel the same, he asks for your vote on November 8.


Making a Choice

By: Kathy Rose


The citizens of Legislative District 1 do have a choice on the November ballot for their State Senator. Steve Tanner has been a lifelong North Idaho resident, working in the logging, construction, and wood product industries.

Tanner will be on your ballot listed as a Democrat. Don’t let that party designation fool you. Tanner’s core principals are limited government and fiscal responsibility. The career politician he is running to unseat is often described as not being a true Republican, even though she carries the R after her name.

“Government continues to grow larger while our liberties diminish. The values and principles that have made our nation great have been perverted by the courts and failed leadership” states Tanner. The truth be known, Tanner is more of a conservative than our sitting senator, and her voting record proves she is not what she appears.

Tanner has strong beliefs in God and that our country was created with divine Providence. Therefore he is an avid supporter of the Constitution and our God given rights. In his view State sovereignty is a higher authority than the federal government, which was created by the States to hold few and limited powers. Yet, in today’s world, the structure has been turned on its head. Our government is not what the founders envisioned, but it is what they warned us of.

“America was established upon the rule of Law and it has become obvious that the rule of Law is no longer the backbone of America,” describes Tanner. “The Supreme Court continues to base its opinions upon the winds of public correctness, (the social contract theory) not upon the original intent of the Constitution.”

Tanner believes:

  • We need to return to our constitutional monetary system.
  • We need to return to the foundational principles that made us great.
  • Right to Life – he opposes abortion for any reason.
  • It’s time to change the discussion from, what someone can get out of government, to what is the proper role of government is and what law is.

Tanner and his wife of 38 years, homeschooled their 8 children in Bonners Ferry. He wants to preserve liberty for them and their children. In order to accomplish this mission, he believes a change is needed in Boise. If you feel the same, he asks for your vote on November 8.

Read more about Tanner at his website. Your choice if a D or and R matters.

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