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Bonner County Sheriff Wheeler Taking Care of Law Enforcement Business

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Dear Bonner County Citizens, please reference the above article. Bonner County Sheriff Daryl Wheeler taking care of law enforcement business in exemplary fashion.

Daryl’s opponent Terry Ford, a lower echelon retired police officer, a write in candidate who had his butt trounced in the primary, has authored blistering nonsensical attacks on Daryl in various local venues (or perhaps more accurately “ghost written” for him by others). While Daryl’s opponent was by all accounts a competent line officer in his day, he is nonetheless so far beneath Daryl’s capabilities both in general law enforcement experience and overall managerial expertise that it is painfully embarrassing to contemplate! If Terry Ford was tasked with actually managing the Bonner County Sheriff’s Office, his level of job performance would be woefully inadequate in my opinion. He would be forced to call in one or more of his good ole’ boy chums to attempt to bail him out. That’s fraught with all sorts of inherent negatives for the people of Bonner County.

Terry Ford in an early candidate forum stated that Daryl was his “friend”. That was a hypocritical crock as his recent verbal attacks toward Daryl clearly illustrate.

Citizens, vote for Daryl Wheeler for professional law enforcement in the modern Bonner County Sheriff’s Office! By comparison to so many crime infested sewers all over the United States where liberal politics predominate, Bonner County is heaven on earth! Daryl will keep Bonner County a pristine and relatively safe place to live and recreate.

Ron Adamik

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