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Beating a Dead Horse – Anita Aurit

Beating a Dead Horse

I find it fascinating that after the official investigation into the allegations of the spokesperson for the Idaho Democratic Party about harassment were made public; the Democrats continue to push this false narrative.

Fact 1 -The Bonner County Sheriff published the results of his reports, in a nutshell, there was no “there” there and yet the Spokesman Review’s blog, the Idaho Statesman and other “news” organizations continue to spin this same story in new ways.

Fact 2-The Bonner County Prosecutor, Lewis Marshall stated that there were no charges filed by the Sheriff’s office, no charges were referred to the A.G. by the Prosecutors office and that the Bonner County Prosecutor has not asked the A.G. to investigate or look into complaints of voter intimidation as the Idaho Statesman implied.

Fact 3-The A.G.’s office requested a copy of the Sheriff’s report as per a request by the
Democrats, not at the request of the Bonner County Prosecutor’s office.

The insinuations and lack of due diligence on the part of those who claim to report the news is beyond the pale. It is a sad state of affairs when media with a clear political agenda think nothing of manipulating facts and creating word gymnastics to further their agenda.

Anita Aurit
Sandpoint, Idaho

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