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Rep. Heather Scott – The First Wednesday of each Month is Important

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The first Wednesday of each month is important.

Every month, on the first Wednesday, your government bureaucrats and agencies release administrative rules in the form of a bulletin.  These rules (when approved) have the full force of law.  Most of these rules allow public input in the form of comments and/or public meetings.


My concern as a state legislator, is most citizens do not comment or have an opinion until the rule is being forced upon them in the form of a new regulation, restriction or fee.  Most do not even know where to view the rules.


Another huge concern I have is our state unelected bureaucrats are regularly inserting federal code directly into our state law while no citizen’s seem to be noticing.  This practice is happening in most fields, including transportation, health and welfare, environment and technology, taxes, business, agriculture, building codes, banking, and our schools.  Idaho state agencies are quickly becoming an enforcement arm of the federal government.


The time to make your voice heard is NOW!


To read more about rules and regulations click here:

September Rules Regulations & Fees


Below is a brief summary of this month’s bulletin. 

To view all past bulletins and view details click here:



Rules for Weights and Measures (incorporate by reference National  Standards), Rules for  Idaho Commercial Feed Law (incorporate by reference information and updates- Official Publication of the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO ),  Rules Pertaining to the Idaho Fertilizer Law-registration and labeling (incorporate by reference),

Noxious Weed Rules- adding four genera of plants to the Idaho noxious weed list, Noxious Weed Free Forage and Straw Certification Rules, and Rules Pertaining to the Idaho Soil and Plant Amendment Act.

Rules of the State of Idaho Board of Veterinary Medicine-implementation, provide clarity on continuing education, rules dealing with Humane Euthanasia.  A FEE rule and a rule for vet technicians who become inactive.


IDAHO GRAPE GROWERS AND WINE PRODUCERS COMMISSION-rule to streamlines the assessment process by requiring both wineries and vineyards to pay assessments based on tons rather than any conversion to gallons, as well as removes the need for the Commission to convert gallons to tons for proper harvest numbers.



DEPARTMENT OF JUVENILE CORRECTIONS- Rules of the Custody Review Board, and rules update code.

BOARD OF CORRECTION-Rules of Correctional Industries-replacing language related to obligations to act.



DIVISION OF BUILDING SAFETY-Rules Governing Plumbing Safety Licensing, journeyman exams, Rules Governing Civil Penalties for, plumbing contractors for failing to pay for or obtain a plumbing permit,

IDAHO DEPARTMENT OF LABOR- Unemployment Insurance Benefits Administration Rules, handling claims, Unemployment Insurance Tax Administration Rules,

BOARD OF ACCOUNTANCY- Idaho Accountancy Rules for licensees.

IDAHO DEPARTMENT OF INSURANCE: Rules for Producers Handling of Fiduciary Funds,

Adoption of the International Fire Code(to match the anticipated adoption of the 2015 International Building Code by the Division of Building Safety.)

Rule to Implement the NAIC Medicare Supplement Insurance, Minimum Standards Model Act Medicare Supplement (aka Medigap) carriers to offer coverage to pre-65 Medicare eligible individuals;

IDAHO STATE BOARD OF DENTISTRY- Rules of the Idaho State Board of Dentistry, Eliminate an incorporated document related to standards for patient records,

BUREAU OF OCCUPATIONAL LICENSES- Rules of the State Board of Morticians



Emergency Medical Services (EMS) — Rule Definitions,. Recognition of Emergency Personnel Licensure Interstate Compact Act (REPLICA), Emergency Medical Services (EMS) — Data Collection and Submission Requirements,  Agency Licensing Requirements, – Emergency Medical Services (EMS) — Data Collection and Submission Requirements, EMS Personnel Licensing Requirements.

Food Safety and Sanitation Standards for Food Establishments (The Idaho Food Code)

Rules Governing Certified Family Homes, VA Medical Foster Homes,  Criminal History and Background Checks,( amending the list of disqualifying crimes).   Rule changes lowering  the age at which foster youth may begin receiving independent living services, and Rules Governing the Idaho Child Care Program (ICCP).

DEPARTMENT OF PARKS AND RECREATION- Rules Governing the Administration of Park and Recreation Areas and Facilities, capacity of motorcycles permitted on Idaho State Park campsites ,

Rules of the Idaho State Board of Pharmacy- update existing Board rules to conform to the newly passed legislation, update and modernize its telepharmacy rules, modernize its pharmacy technician rules, update rules given advancements in technology and changes in pharmacy practice, U-47700 substance inclusion into the list of Schedule I controlled substances



IDAHO PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION- Rules for Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS).

DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY- Rules for the Control of Air Pollution in Idaho – the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reduced the ozone NAAQS from 75 ppb to 70 ppb.   The ozone NAAQS reduction is included in DEQ’s incorporation by reference rule docket 58-0101-1603. As a result of the ozone NAAQS reduction, there would be fewer days when DEQ could approve crop residue burns despite the fact that 1) the weather conditions exhibit good smoke dispersion characteristics, and 2) DEQ technical staff expect the burns to have minimal impact on ambient ozone concentrations (NAAQS). Therefore, burning may not be allowed on good burn days even when the burn is not predicted to cause or significantly contribute to a violation of the ozone NAAQS.



STATE TAX COMMISSION- Property Tax Administrative Rules: Homeowners Exemption on Occupancy Tax Roll, Tax Exemption for Investment in New Plant and Building Facilities Upon County Commissioners’ Approval,  Powers and Duties – Property Tax – Value Information, Occupancy Tax on Newly Constructed Improvements on Real Property,  Property Exempt From Taxation, Budget Certification Relating to New Construction and Annexation, Budget Certification – Dollar Certification Form (L-2 Form),

Tax Levy-Certification-Urban Renewal Districts, Penalty for Failure to Comply with Reporting Requirements, Value of Recreational Vehicles for Annual Registration and Taxation of Unregistered Recreational Vehicles,

Property Tax Rule 006 updates (the incorporation by reference section) of the Official Railway Equipment Register and removes two documents related to automobiles, van/truck conversion and limousine appraisals, Property Tax Rule 809 extends the time period that notices of correction for unintentional clerical, mathematical, or electronic errors in erroneous levies, under Section 63-810, Idaho Code, will be received by the Commission.



IDAHO TRANSPORTATION DEPARTMENT– Rules Governing Allowable Vehicle Size, rules for truck permitting for non-reducible, oversized loads traveling on U.S. 12 in northern Idaho, between milepost 74 and milepost 174, Rules Governing Safety Requirements of Over-legal Permits, vehicle inspections, driver training and brakes.  Rules for requirement for owner inspections in compliance with FEDERAL LAW, Rules Governing Over-legal Permits for Extra-Length, Excess Weight, and Up to 129,000# Vehicle Combinations,  Rules Governing Revocation of Over-legal Permits, and other changes.


Last month’s administrative rules and regulations & fees:


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