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Malheur Protest Trial – Week 2 – THURSDAY *Updated*

We will be updating this page daily, so check back tomorrow!


Malheur Protest Trial – Week 2

by Shari Dovale and Aubrie Bosworth

Sept. 15, 2016 – Thursday – Shari:

This week has been very busy and exciting. There is so much information to get out for you, but there doesn’t seem to be enough time during the day. We will be trying to get up several article this weekend, and attempt to get it all caught up.Malheur

The government’s witnesses have not been as stellar for their case as they had hoped. Tomorrow will begin FBI witnesses, first referencing Bunkerville, then Facebook “experts.” I expect this to drag out, but will love to be surprised.

We have met some very awesome Patriots here in Portland. Everyone has their own way of showing their support. Some have done a March around Jericho, and others have had more subtle ways to show their support.

Malheur Sandy Anderson has painted her toenails very patriotic.





Wednesday, Sept. 14 – Aubrie:

Today was long – very, very long.

Sheriff Ward was in today as the first witness to take to the box. Ward continually said that Ammon was an easy guy to talk to. Honestly most of the time I didn’t see why to government called him in as their witness, most of what Ward said was positive when it came to Ammon. But I assume time will tell how the government will use Ward’s testimony.

Through I’m not sure what exactly I think of Mr. Ward’s testimony. He was polite and tried to answer every question, he made comments like:

“My brain is like jello.”

and then another time he said:

“To little old ladies every gun is an AK47.”

His comments brought laughs from the people in the courtroom which was a decent change for the few seconds it lasted.

Once again no water today and I walked away with a big headache, but Judge Brown is giving us more brakes so I have to giver her that. Anna Brown’s attitude hasn’t changed towards the defendants, she continues to be borderline rude and a bit bias with them.

Tonight we are staying with an awesome group of patriots. We got a place to sleep, food, trees, campfire, and good company. Who could ask for better right?

Keep up in your prayers!

God bless!

Tuesday, Sept. 13 – Aubrie:

Opening statements went great!

Anna J. Brown interrupted Ryan Bundy, and Shanna Cox a lot, now remember those two are choosing to represent themselves. Every now and then Anna Brown would stop one of the attorneys and make a comment but not near as often as she did for the two representing themselves. Kenneth Madenbach’s standby council Matthew Schindler did absolutely outstanding! Kenneth had asked him to speak for him and Matthew got up there and spoke with so much passion and so clear and right to the point that even if the judge wanted to interrupt I don’t think she had the chance. My respect for Matthew went up a few notches that is for sure.

Outside the Multnomah County Jail building. Photo: Aubrie Bosworth, Redoubt News
Outside the Multnomah County Jail building. Photo: Aubrie Bosworth, Redoubt News

Now before Ryan gave his opening statement to the judge he asked the court if he could give each of the jury members their own copy of a ” Pocket Constitution” Judge Anna Brown immediately said no he can’t give the jury anything but if he wanted to file a “Pocket Constitution” in as evidence he could and the jury can see it that way. So the jury came in and Ryan then moved on to address the jury, he greeted them and then begin to read the definition of the word “Conspiracy ” out of a legal dictionary. Ryan got maybe two words out before Judge Brown once again interrupted him saying that he doesn’t get to tell the jury the law, he can not read from a legal dictionary that she and only she gets to tell them the law.  Now how stupid is that? Ryan didn’t want to “tell tell them the law” he wasn’t trying to tell them what the law meant. He was simply giving them a legal definition of a word from a legal dictionary! He was trying to give them a copy of the constitution and she said no she gets to define the law. These jurors are not “allowed” to do any kind of research so they can’t look up a law and make sure judge Brown is saying it the right way. They can’t look up a meaning of a word so they understand something! How crazy is this tyranny?

Other then the fact that we had no water most of the day and Judge Brown….well being Judge Brown the day went great!

I really hope we don’t end up having health problems or hospital visits because of dehydration. Everyone in the court room can have water (or coffee) in the room except the spectators. The jury can, the defendants, the government even the guards have water or coffee! I could see if they wanted us to have a bottle with a lid because they use the excuse that “they don’t want us to spill.” Well if that was the case then way does everyone else in the room have water and coffee in open cups with NO LIDS!

Now hold on, I know you’re probably going “really Boz? What is the big deal here its just some water. ”

Well my issue is that signs of dehydration are already showing just from today in multiple people watching the trail. I myself felt sluggish and had a headache from the lack of water. And it’s not like she gives breaks all the time, one every three hours “IF” we are lucky. So yes the water issue is more them the spectators being petty. I truly think it is becoming a health hazard.

I hope the water thing changes because if not an ambulance my be needed in the future.


Monday, Sept. 12 – Aubrie:

We are back!

Last Friday, over all we had a pretty awesome day. On the way home for the weekend we had to stop and get an article up on the “Facebook evidence” if that is what you wish to call it.  We got home kinda late but getting that article up was worth it.

My weekend was pretty awesome. I got to spend time with a really cool group of folks and I was out of the city for a few days which was a BIG plus.

I can’t say I’m excited to be back in the city but I am happy to be back and covering the Malheur Protest Trial. Portland traffic proves to be just as painful as it was last week. You would think that city people would have a lot of patience seeing as they have to deal with traffic all the time but it doesn’t seem so. LOL! Through dealing with the traffic isn’t as stressful as it was the first time.

I continue to learn a lot from Shari, God has clearly blessed me with a teacher like her.

Opening statements start in the morning, so make sure you guys keep your eyes open for updates tomorrow!

God bless!

* * *

Monday, Sept. 12 – Shari:

Driving so many hours to get home this weekend was very hard, but it will be important to decompress occasionally. This trial is proving to be exhausting, and it has only just begun.

I am excited for this week to begin. The opening statements are scheduled for Tuesday morning. Sheriff David Ward of Harney County is expected to be the first prosecution witness.

Patriot supporters are already filing into the city and have begun to show their presence. I look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones.

Aubrie is doing so well as our Teen Journalist. I believe she has found her calling. I am excited to get her views after each day.

Stick around, Patriots! It’s gonna be a bumpy ride! 🙂



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  1. Hopefully, one of the Defense Attorneys brings up the fact that that unqualified “sheriff” used to be an employee of the BLM. He was instrumental in the incarceration of the Hammonds. Seems like that alone would disqualify him.

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