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Joe Robertson Income Being Cut OFF!

Carri needs assistance to file an appeal for this Social Security ruling.


Joe Robertson Income Being Cut OFF!

by Shari Dovale

Joe Robertson is serving time for building stock ponds on his property. He was convicted of violating the Clean Water Act and spilling dredge materials into US Waters. The waters that they say he contaminated are 60 miles from his property.

Robertson, as part of his punishment, is being subjected to “Diesel Therapy.” They are moving him every few days, designed to punish his body and his spirit. In the few weeks since his sentencing, he has gone from Missoula, MT to Shelby, MT to Nevada and then to Oklahoma City. He is currently still in Oklahoma City, but this is only temporary.

They had him pack up his pod yesterday, and he expected to be moved, however, he was still there this morning. He expects to be moved to Colorado, but has not been told if this move will be temporary, or where he will go permanently.

This man is 77 years old and suffered a stroke after being incarcerated. He developed double vision after his stroke, and Joe just learned that this is permanent. He did not get proper treatment after the stroke, and his body is being worn down.

These are not the only things that Joe and his wife, Carri, are dealing with. The government is continuing to punish them both.

Carri was notified this week that Joe’s Social Security will be cut off at the end of this month because Joe has been incarcerated. They say that they do not pay benefits to prisoners.

This money is Carri’s sole income at this point. If they cut this off, there will be no money for her to pay for food, utilities, or the fees that the Federal Public Defender, Mike Donahoe, is expecting from them.

Donahoe is aware of this new development, but, as is his usual behavior, he has not responded to Carri’s request for help. He barely got the notice of intent to appeal filed on time, and has yet to file the actual appeal.

Carri is frazzled and needs assistance to file an appeal for this Social Security ruling. Please continue to pray for them, as the government has not stopped their attacks against them.

There is a GO FUND ME account that has been authorized by the family of Joe Robertson. Here is the link, if you can help:

3 Comments on Joe Robertson Income Being Cut OFF!

  1. With the constant complaints about government all the time. I don’t understand the anger because joe is cut off from the social security welfare check. And it is welfare and socialism ask any tea party politician.

  2. Well Harold, Joe worked all of his life for the benefits he received unlike yourself [… …]
    [Editor’s note – No personal attacks please]

  3. All convicted criminals have social security benefits cut off while in prison. They are already recieving free room and board at public expense. They are automatically reinstated if they serve less than one year, must reapply if they serve more than a year.

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