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Government Turns Hostile on Their Own Witness

Butch Eaton did admit that he went to the Refuge not understanding everything that was taking place But, he spoke his support for the defendants


Government Turns Hostile on Their Own Witness

By Shari Dovale

Walter Lee (Butch) Eaton took the stand on Wednesday afternoon as a prosecution witness in the Malheur Protest trial being held in Portland, Oregon.

The prosecution put him on the stand hoping to show that not every person in their group was a supporter. They were also attempting to narrow down the conspiracy to the defendants and show not all of their large group even knew about their plans.

Butch Eaton did admit that he went to the Refuge not understanding everything that was taking place. He also admitted to being afraid of the FBI and being arrested. But, he repeatedly spoke his support for the defendants and their cause.

Back on the stand on Thursday for cross examination, Eaton told of what he saw when they arrived at the refuge. He stated that no one shouldered their weapons, meaning no one had their rifles at their shoulders, nor were they looking down the barrels.

Harney County standoff witness
Harney County Sheriff Dave Ward met with Ammon Bundy at a remote location near the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge on Thursday. Photo Credit:

Additionally, Eaton was clear that no one broke any locks to any facilities. If the doors were unlocked, they would ask, “Is anyone here?” then move on. Eaton was clear that there was no aggression by any of the Patriots at the refuge.

They are “God-fearing men. Better than me,” Eaton was clear. He explained that the protesters were sure to say a prayer for their safety, as well as the safety of all the law enforcement officers.

He went home the same day he arrived and was visited by FBI the following day. That, Eaton said, is when he felt fear. The FBI intimidated him and made him fearful for his family’s safety. He never before felt fear around the Bundy’s, but the government made that happen. The FBI also told him that he should not be afraid, but he should be concerned.

Eaton said that he never saw any signs posted that stated “No Firearms” or “No Trespassers.” Eaton returned to the refuge on subsequent visits, but never saw aggression or intimidation there.

When the prosecution had their opportunity to for further questions, they treated Eaton as a hostile witness. This was a government witness, but they turned angry on him and began leading their questions.

Robert Salisbury, attorney for Jeff Banta, objected to the leading questions, but Judge Anna Brown again ruled for the government and said that it has “been converted, where leading is okay.”

So, the government turned on their own witness when he would not denounce the defendants. He applauded their efforts and the Judge was not happy.

17 Comments on Government Turns Hostile on Their Own Witness

  1. well I’m curious. why would the judge not be happy. the judge is supposed to be impartial. if the judge is showing emotion because the govts case is falling apart…that is serious.

    • Thank you for recognizing that. That judge does NOT represent the people. She is representing the De Facto government corporation.

    • The judge should recuse herself. This will be a perfect example of reason for mistrial, if they should be found guilty.

  2. It never seems to get through to the people what the constitution is and how simple it is. It is each one individual’s contract. It is as it reads it cannot be interpreted. It allows or disallows power to govern or be governed. All those law library shelves are full of useless fabricated codes attempting to get around the clauses that binds their power. Those simple words in the constitution can not be reinvented in a bar code to mean the opposite. A 10 year old could understand what can and cannot be done. That is the law period. Free the law abiders and jail for corrupt prosecutors.

  3. Has anyone been informed of the cause, yet?
    Not the nature, the cause.
    The 6th amendment says you have the right to “assistance of counsel.”
    When you accept “representaion” you waive being informed of the cause.

  4. Was there myself. Not hostile in the slightest. Ammon and Ryan were so calm and encouraging. I actually was feeling a bit sideways when I arrived but after meeting LaVoy and Ammon and Ryan they instantly had a calming effect on me. They are total gentleman of solid character. A caliber of men I honestly don’t think I have been in the presence of before or since. For some reason I was led to go meet these people and offered to help make dinner for them all. I will always carry with me gratitude for the privilege of meeting them, breaking bread with them, and learning so much about our rich history and our Constitution. I signed my name on the flag right next to LaVoy`s. I hope to shake his hand once again when one day I see him on the other side of the veil.

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