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Kramer – Good Choice for Boundary Sheriff

He has taken an oath to uphold the Constitution and the laws of the State of Idaho, and he will continue to uphold that oath.


Dave Kramer – Good Choice for Boundary Sheriff

David Kramer was the overwhelming winner for Boundary County Sheriff in the May Primary, beating out Incumbent Greg Sprungl and Deputy Schuman. As there are no Democrats running for Sheriff, his will be the only name on the ballot this November.

Kramer is a longtime Law Enforcement Officer and leader, having served with Bonners Ferry Police Department for over 30 years, with the last 20 of those years as Chief of Police. During his tenure with the Police Department he helped bring in the first multi-jurisdictional drug task force, joining forces with Bonner County to address the drug issues that were common in both counties.

On a local level Kramer initiated a K-9 program, developed an active Reserve Officer program, and started the School Resource Officer and DARE programs in Boundary County. Under his leadership the City maintained a high rate of clearance of offenses, solving crimes and bringing offenders to justice.

Kramer worked his way up through the ranks of law enforcement from Explorer Law Enforcement Scout, Reserve Officer, Patrolman, Deputy Chief, all the way through to Police Chief o f Bonners Ferry. He also earned the highest certification a Peace Officer can obtain in Idaho, the Executive level, which he has maintained since 1999, having earned successive levels including Intermediate and Advanced certifications along the way before obtaining the Executive level.

Having a Sheriff with a broad base of knowledge and experience in serving Boundary County will be a benefit to the people of this community.

Kramer serves as the Director of Boundary County Emergency Management. In this role he is responsible for coordinating and working with all local First Responders to prepare for, and respond to, disasters of all types that might strike our county. He is also Vice President of the Idaho Emergency Managers Association.

After he retired from the City Police, Kramer was hired by North Idaho College as the Law Enforcement Coordinator for the POST approved law enforcement training academy. He also became an Instructor for the college, teaching Criminal Justice courses to those intending to make law enforcement their career.

Being active and involved in the community is another area that Kramer knows is important. His continued dedication to Boundary County will be a real benefit as he assumes the office of Sheriff. He has been an active member of Boundary Search and Dive Rescue Team for over 30 years, serving as the Dive Team Leader.

He has also served as the Vice Commander of Idaho State Search and Rescue Association. He has been a volunteer EMT on Boundary Volunteer Ambulance for approximately 12 years. He has served as President of the local Rotary club and as the Chairman of Boundary County Waterways. Not that there has ever been much free time, but he has also been a Substitute Teacher in Boundary County, and past Special Olympics Coach. Giving back to the community is something that Kramer has been doing for his entire career, and he plans to continue this pattern as a Sheriff that is actively engaged with his community.

Kramer has held leadership roles (elected by his peers) as President of Idaho Chiefs of Police, President of the Montana and Idaho National Academy Associates, President of Bonners Ferry Rotary, Vice Commander of Idaho State Search and Rescue, Vice President of Idaho Emergency Managers Association and Chairman of Boundary County Waterways.

Kramer said that he has been disappointed in the false and misleading information from some people that are supporting a write-in candidate, and he continues to be committed to addressing issues rather than attacking individuals. He said that he has taken an oath to uphold the Constitution and the laws of the State of Idaho, and he will continue to uphold that oath.

Kramer is a life member of the NRA and has donated to many of the Friends of the NRA Banquets. He was also on a rifle team in High School and College, and still enjoys the shooting sports, and strongly supports the 2nd amendment. Kramer said that his experience, leadership and service along with his knowledge of the people and community in Boundary County make him the best choice to serve as the next Boundary County Sheriff.

Kramer has won the endorsement of Bonner County Sheriff Daryl Wheeler and Kootenai County Sheriff Ben Wolfinger, professional law enforcement officers who are convinced of his suitability to lead the Boundary County Sheriff’s Office in a new direction.

Kramer’s endorsements continue to grow. They include Senator Shawn Keough, Representative Sage Dixon and Legislative District 1 Chairman, Danielle Ahrens.

Kramer is appreciative of the support and confidence of the people of Boundary County, and looks forward to serving them as Boundary County Sheriff.


4 Comments on Kramer – Good Choice for Boundary Sheriff

    • Kramer does not even know the Constitution that he took an oath to uphold. He proved that at the first forum. Go back & watch it. His support of the Feds is NOT what we need. He has made it clear he believes in the supreme power of the Fed over the state & county.

      • He has turned out to be the worst choice for Sheriff. He fooled us all and has filled the papers with lies. 100 level III deputies. Where are they. It’s just another lie of many.

  1. Wolfinger endorsement. Another federal supremacist. You know that Wolfinger allowed the feds to kidnap Todd Engel from his place of work in Kootenai County. Unfortunately, there is no good choice for Sheriff down here.

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