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A Constitution Day to be Proud of in North Idaho

A Constitution Day to be Proud of in North Idaho

By Donna Capurso

September 17th, 2016, Constitution Day, was celebrated at the Bonner County Fairgrounds and even though there was heavy rain starting early, it did not deter nearly 500 people from attending the 2016 Inland Northwest Freedom Festival.  This event was hosted by the Inland Northwest Freedom Alliance, which “exists to ignite our Christian community behind Jesus Christ and His Gospel, by promoting the biblical values of freedom and liberty on which our great nation was founded, thereby revitalizing America’s Patriotic Christian Heritage.” constitution

The event started out with our Legislative District 1 Representative Heather Scott speaking on “The Engaged Citizen’s Role in the Redoubt.”  Heather spoke about misconceptions concerning the “mysterious” American Redoubt where the people here are all about stockpiling food and ammunition in the event of an economic collapse or other calamity, fostered by recent articles and negative spins by the local media.  She explained how the Redoubt is more a place for a retreat or sanctuary for Christian Patriots where people here can enjoy freedom and prosperity and where they can seek out the blessings of liberty.  As she stated, “You see, as Christians, our Redoubt, or place of refuge, is in Christ alone.  He provides us safety and food, not our guns and dehydrated meals.  He gives us sanctuary, not our communities or geographic location or churches…  He gives us what anyone who doesn’t know him doesn’t have…true hope, contentment and peace.”

Heather spoke about the unique characteristics of north Idaho and the Pacific Northwest which draw folks here from all over the country. “If you overlay various maps of our region, and compare them to other areas across the country, our region has one of the lowest population densities, lowest number of natural disasters, least amount of abortions in the country, lowest crime rates and secular unrest, not to mention plentiful amounts of natural resources like water – guns – timber – guns – minerals – guns – a high density of hydro-electric dams, and Christians.”

Heather also believes “we are here because each and every one of us has been drawn by God to be here. … I believe God is uniting His people, drawing them together and using His Redoubt to show His example of Governance across the country.”  Heather refers to north Idaho as “the heart of the redoubt.  It is filled with like- minded, God fearing Christian Patriots who are blessed with unbelievable skills, unshakeable faith and wonderful personalities.”

Heather explained how our rights come from God, not the government, and that we who live here in the Redoubt still have a job to do.  Heather describes the engaged north Idaho citizens as “being on fire.”  Besides strides such as permitless carry, “they have convinced county commissioners to pass resolutions against resettlement of unvetted refugees in three counties, stopped a transgender bathroom policy in a local school district, and have had record breaking voter turnouts for many recent elections.”  We are in a spiritual war and it is Heather’s hope “that YOU get involved as a Christian because when a moral people are involved in the everyday decisions and conversations of the government, the conversations will change.”


Matt Shea, House Representative for Spokane Valley in Washington, spoke about “Oregon and the Future of Liberty.”  Matt asked the audience “Who is the government?”  The answer:  “We the People” and advised us of the constitutionneed to focus on the Lord.  There is a spirit of discouragement in the country and we need to know who the enemy is.  Matt spoke of the Muslim Brotherhood and the infiltration of our federal government causing a spiritual and physical manifestation. Our law enforcement has been degraded, God has been taken out of our schools, there is a war on our Constitution and when we get the life issue wrong (abortions) we get everything wrong.

Matt spoke in detail about the real story of what occurred at the Malheur Refuge and why.  He detailed how it was instigated by the years of abuse by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, and he provided information about the murder of LaVoy Finicum.  Matt has solutions for us: pray; keep focused on the real enemy; do the small things such as doing what we say we believe; to quit going to the government for our needs and to owe no one anything; be prepared to help your neighbor; and be ready to be the home church.  He asked us to have “Wolverine leadership:” 1. Have steady perseverance; 2. Be self-sufficient; 3. Parenthood – mentor our next generation; and 4. Have the proper attitude: to do what we do as Americans – FIGHT!


Dr. John Denney, a pastor at the Priest River Community Church, spoke to the group about “Forgetting God.”  He CONSTITUTIONexplained how our republic “is failing due to a lack of consensus of understanding and we have severed ourselves from our founding roots.”  John told us that “our nation will be deceased if we continue to shun God.”  He spoke about how we are unique in that our country was founded on divine law.  He advised us to be aware of arrogance and ingratitude and to not forget God.  To reconnect we need to make God our first priority which was a founding principle of our nation.  He said that “we live in a sin fallen world and we are all sinners” and that “we want to be in charge.”   He stressed that we need to be aware of our ingratitude as it is an unfailing mark of a failing soul.”  This ingratitude breeds an attitude of entitlement and we need to ask ourselves, “How grateful am I?”  And to not forget God and His blessings and to also ask “have you really made Jesus Christ the centerpiece of your life?”


I have had the opportunity to see Pastor Shahram Hadian at six of his presentations about Islam and each time I learn more.  Shahram’s topic was “Islam and the U.S. Constitution.”  He covered the sources of Islam, those being the constitutionQuran and Sunna (the practice).  He also explained other terms such as Hadith which are the traditions of Muhammed and Sira, the biography of Muhammad.  Shahram went into depth on Shari’ah law, which is the Islamic “sacred law.”  Shari’ah violates all five sections of our First Amendment.  There is no equality under Shari’ah as a non-Muslim or Kefir which means excrement is never equal to a Muslim. There is no equal protection under Shari’ah as justice is “dualistic.”  There are no equal rights for women as women are considered to be property.  Non-Muslims cannot bear arms (dhimmi).  Under Shari’ah law, there is no representative republic and no separation of powers.  Pastor Hadian explained Obama’s Islamic agenda and propaganda and stated “Obama is Islam’s greatest apologist.”  Obama has also stated that Islam means ‘peace’ but in actuality it means ‘surrender’ and there will be peace when “all have surrendered to Islam.”  Shahram told us that there are over 100 verses in the Quran calling for violence against Jews and Christians.  There are two houses of Islam, Dar Al Harb which means War and Dar Al Islam, all Islam.  The directive is to behead all who insult Islam.

The “Caliphate” is Islam’s ultimate global agenda and under their sacred law, is obligatory.  The goal for an Islamic state is for Shari’ah law in EVERY NATION!  Shari’ah law was codified in the 7th century to control every aspect of a person’s life.  Shahram stressed that Islam is NOT a religion but is political and Shari’ah law is the constitution of Islam.  There is a lot of information on Islam and the repercussions to America, and information is available at: The Truth in Love Project.  I suggest you become aware and knowledgeable on Islam and how it will destroy America.


Jenna Ellis, Esq. is a Constitutional attorney, law professor and international speaker and her topic was “The Legal Basis for a Moral Constitution.”  Jenna provided us with a biblical worldview of Constitutional law and gave us the key fundamental concepts of the law.  She took us through the creation of the Constitution with the principle drafters of constitutionJefferson and Adams, both lawyers.  Jenna explained what “the law” is.  Juris Prudence is the study and theory of the law and the two theories of law’s origin: natural or divine law and legal positivitism or secular humanism which is the social contract theory.  Divine law was ordained by God and discovered by man, and that law is fixed.  Moral laws are the difference between right and wrong.  She said “law has rational, objective limits to the power of legislative rules and God gives the authority and enforcement of the law.”  The Social Contract Theory is fluid, ordained by man and can be changed by man.  This law has no inherent limits but those that the legislature set and that it is inconsistent.  Jenna stressed that “our rights pre-exist the U.S. Constitution and our rights are unalienable and come from God.  When government usurps our God given rights, it is not only the right but also the duty of God’s people to abolish that government.”


Pastor Steve Bradshaw, a pastor at the Cocolalla Cowboy Church, spoke about “The Days in Which We Live.”  He spoke with humor and poked fun at himself, but he got his message across.  He referred to the “left” as being left constitutionbehind, and the “right” as being righteous.  He explained that someone that is ignorant just doesn’t know something, but if someone is educated and is still ignorant, he is willfully ignorant.  He told us “that a fact of truth remains a truth.”

Steve said that there is no such thing as “radical” Islam…Islam is radical by nature.  He said that there are “radical Christians and then there are Christians who just haven’t gotten off the fence.  It’s time for God’s people to be the church.”  He lamented that “pastors have lost the courage to tell the truth and to not be afraid to talk about politics.”  He encouraged everyone to stand up and do what’s right and what you believe in; we can no longer remain silent.  “If it’s right, stand up no matter what the cost.  He referred to “CINO’s – Christians in Name Only.”  He advised that “the answer to every question, problem and need is IN THE BOOK” as he held up his bible.  He said pastors have taken politics out of the pulpit and asked: “Are we going to be the children of God or just say we are?”


Michael Farris, Esq. is the Chancellor of Patrick Henry College in Virginia, an attorney and Chairman of the Home School Legal Defense Association; he spoke about “The Loss of Parental Rights.”

“Americans need to be making law for America, not the United Nations,” he stated in the beginning of his constitutionpresentation. He continued by saying that if you want to know the word of God, read the word of God.  If you want to know the Constitution: 1. Know what the words actually say; 2. What did the words actually mean to the people who wrote it for the original meaning, which is the rule of law; and 3. What has the Supreme Court had to say (which doesn’t mean they’re right).  Government needs to be anchored down or you have a tyrannical government.  He continued that, the further away the law is away from local people, the less they know about the people.  It is up to the states to control the federal government; Washington, DC does whatever they want because states have not used their 10th Amendment powers.  Michael asks us to “stand up, speak up and show up.  Victory goes to the majority that participates.”


Kentucky State Representative Tim Moore made his presentation on “America in Prophesy Today.”

Tim presented a lot of scripture from the bible demonstrating how nations’ faith in God and their righteousness can determine their fate and future.  He explained that “belief in our Creator runs rampant throughout our founding documents.”  He spoke about the wickedness in our country that has been allowed, such as 60 million babies being killed, the undermining of marriage, and that the U.S. is the leading consumer of pornography.  “Our country is in a spiritual decline at an accelerating pace.  We as Christians need to repent and pray for our country; that it is time to rise up and demand that our values be restored.”


Rick Green is a former Texas State Representative, national speaker, author and radio host.  He is the author and executive producer of Constitution Alive!  Rick is the founder and president of the Patriot Academy, which trains constitutionyoung leaders in founding principles as they participate in mock legislative sessions held in state capitols across the nation.  He spoke about “Christian Heritage and the Founding Fathers.”

Rick spoke about the uniqueness of being an American, but asked the question, “How do we protect freedom?”  The formula of God…to the People…to the Government has changed.  Now God is out.  Our Constitution was not meant to have the U.S. Supreme Court telling the White House, the people, and the legislature what to do, but that is what is happening.  Rick called the five unelected lawyers that rule America the “Court-stitution.”  He further stated that “religion and morality are indispensable and that we’re not finished fighting for liberty until we’re 6 feet under.”  A great nation does not kill 60 million children or accept radical Islam.  Rick made a call-to-action to “Live Your Freedom.”  That we “need to vote, volunteer, contribute and speak out.  We need to pass the torch to the next generation.”  Rick then introduced Brady Smith who has participated in the Patriot Academy who spoke about the Constitution and his generation.


constitutionThe last speaker for this event was Pastor Paul Van Noy from Coeur d’Alene and he spoke about “America Under Judgement, Prepare for Fire.”

Paul spoke of how people worship themselves over God, and that God is a God of judgement and justice.  He spoke of how God judged Canaan as well as Israel.  He described America as being under judgement for abortion, pleasure, power, divorce and other issues.  He put the question to the audience:  “What shall we do?”  He then provided the following answers:

  1. Recognize our neglected stewardship and repent
  2. Stand against the call to bow
  3. Recognize that our testimony is an unwavering commitment in times of persecution
  4. Prepare to serve others who follow
  5. Pray.  He said that if you love someone you need to tell them the truth.


The inspiring day was finished off by the hit Christian Country Group, ‘Red Roots’, red headed identical triplets from Wade, Mississippi, who provided a concert into the evening.