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Candidates Encouraged to Submit Information

We encourage all readers to submit 'Letters to the Editor'.


Candidates Encouraged to Submit Information

By Shari Dovale

We have received multiple comments and questions on how we select and publish information on political candidates. We do this through a variety of ways, including press releases, also known as news or media releases.

Redoubt News makes every attempt to sit down with the candidates and get to know them. However, it is not possible to schedule personal interviews with each candidate for each race in the state. Therefore, press releases become a very valuable tool for the voters.

Through them, the voter can get to know the candidate and begin a thoughtful process to determine their vote. These releases are not all inclusive, and yes, they are biased in favor of the candidate. It is up to the voter to investigate and make an informed choice at the polls.

Knowing how important it is for the voters to get to know each candidate, Redoubt News encourages ALL candidates to submit press releases for their campaigns. We will post, verbatim, this information for each candidate regardless of party affiliation.

Press releases are informational and designed to allow the voter information from which they can formulate choices or questions for the candidates. They are not intended to be recommendations.

We encourage debate and discussion, but understand that this is not the forum for personal attacks against anyone, including candidates.

We encourage all readers to submit ‘Letters to the Editor‘. This section is your forum, to make your views widespread. Again, we do not allow personal attacks, and your name will be published with your letter.

All of our contributors are given credit and a byline when they submit an article for publication. If the article does not have a byline, chances are it is a press release.

Thank you for the letters and notes. I hope I have answered your questions.