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UPDATE on Joe Robertson in Shelby Prison

They are trying to break this man. His health is going downhill fast.


UPDATE on Joe Robertson in Shelby Prison

By Shari Dovale

I spoke with Joe Robertson’s wife, Carri, today and she tells me that Joe isn’t doing so well in prison.

Joe was moved to the Federal Prison in Shelby, Montana less than two weeks ago. He had previously been incarcerated in Missoula, where the doctor finally straightened out his medications. However, before the new meds could be given to him, Joe was moved with no warning.

Since his arrival in Shelby, Joe has not received his medications, and is not sleeping well. Additionally, Joe is dealing with chest pains again.

There are other issues that Joe is being forced to deal with. Carri cannot visit Joe, or send money on to his accounts, until she is pre-approved by the prison to do so. This process is handled through a form, which Carri has sent to the prison, However, she has been told that it could take up to 30 days before the approval is granted.

This is the procedure for each individual that wishes to see Joe, or put money onto his account. In the meantime, Joe has used the money that was available on his phone card so he is unable to call Carri at all. He attempted to call her yesterday, after several days of no contact, but was cut off after about 30 seconds. The time had run out.

The notice of appeal was filed with the court by his attorney, Mike Donahoe, but the appeal brief has yet to be filed. There was a hearing on releasing Joe on bail, pending the appeal, yet there was no argument made by Donahoe and the request was denied by Judge Molloy.

The worst part of his ordeal is that they are telling him they are expecting to transfer him to a prison in Oregon. So, even if they finally get his medications straightened out, he will lose all that and have to begin again in Oregon. Whether or not they intend to move Joe out of state, and away from his wife, or if they are just messing with him again, is hard to tell. Either way, it is bad news for Joe.

Also, if Carri finally gets approved to visit him, and put money onto his phone card and commissary account, that will be a waste, because it will have to be restarted in Oregon.

They are trying to break this man. His health is going downhill fast. He has not received his medications. He cannot have his service dog. His wife is not allowed to visit. He has no money to call her.

And they want to move him again.

This is called “Diesel Therapy”. This is a form of punishment in which prisoners are shackled and then transported for days or weeks. It has been described as “the cruelest aspect of being a federal inmate.”

Joe Robertson is being subjected to cruel and unusual punishment, for building a pond on his property.

Welcome to the USSA.

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  1. Can you please post the gofundme link when you do articles for Joe. Thank you for keeping us in the loop. I am happy the appeal was timely filed.

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