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Has Twin Falls Become a Hellhole?

The health, welfare and safety of the city's children have been swept aside.

Twin Falls

Has Twin Falls Become a Hellhole?

By Shari Dovale

Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook

The Editor of the Times-News, Matt Christensen, recently wrote an article that demeaned the city of Twin Falls in a way that I could not believe. Not only did he belittle the city, but the citizens that live there.

Recently, there was a savage attack on a 5-year-old girl by at least 3 Muslim refugee boys. This brutal rape (yes, it is a rape by Idaho Law) took place on June 2, 2016. Yet, the Times-News refused to report this horrific incident for weeks, until concerned citizens started asking questions.

Then, the only coverage of this child’s vicious attack was to label the questioning citizens as fear-mongers, liars and bigots. No one came to the aid of this poor child, and certainly not the Times-News.

Christensen writes that he is concerned about the effects on tourism to Twin Falls. (I suppose tourism is more important to the City than a child’s health and welfare.)

He seems to believe that the majority of citizen’s agree with him. “Scores of children in southern Idaho are molested or abused every year” Wow!

Does this mean that it is so commonplace that the citizen’s, and certainly the Times-News, believes that child molestation in Twin Falls is just another fact of life that we must learn to live with? Maybe they should put THAT in their tourism brochures!

Christensen is worried that this one case is being used for a political agenda. Yes, he has certainly done that. By dismissing this child’s pain as not worthy of concern, he has pushed the “Muslim-refugees-bring-us-money-so-we-must-pander-to-them” agenda.

I certainly would not want to live in Twin Falls with this recommendation. What are the city officials, the police department, and the prosecutor’s office doing to protect this, obviously, out-of-control problem with child molestation?

Twin Falls
Grant Loebs

Grant Loebs is the prosecutor in charge of the rape case against the Muslim boys. What has he done in this case, specifically? Well, the family requested information for weeks, including their daughter’s medical records. They were denied by his office. Every request the family made, from medical records to 911 transcripts to victim services, was denied.

Loebs wrote to Pamela Geller, “My office is in constant contact with the family and any and all questions they have are being answered and counseling and other services are being offered.”

Yet on July 25, 2016, nearly two months later, the father of the victim called the State of Idaho Industrial Commission and was told once again that his application for victim services was not complete because they have not received all the information necessary to process it.

So how does Loeb explain his claim that the family is “continuing to be served” by Victim Services?

This means that the odds of your child being molested in Twin Falls are quite high, if “scores” of attacks happen each year. Even higher are the odds that your child will be brushed aside when it happens, and you should not expect any help.

This should add to your tourism brochure nicely!

The Times-News articles labels this poor little girl’s plight as a “scary fairy tale.”

So, Twin Falls considers that child molestation is just a scary fairy tale, not to be believed, and certainly not worth wasting any time on. That would absolutely explain Grant Loebs and his attitude of dismissal towards the family.

Twin Falls
US Attorney for Idaho, Wendy J. Olson

I wonder if he has told the victims to stop hurting the tourism industry? Maybe he can get Wendy Olson to “kinda-sorta” threaten them for making inflammatory remarks about the criminals that attacked their daughter?

After all, priorities must be considered. This is probably why Representative Lance Clow was given access to the records that the family was denied. Priorities. After all, Twin Falls must have it’s tourism money.

Christensen says that he is concerned Twin Falls is being depicted as a “Hellhole.”

Yes, he and Loebs have done a good job with that. With their dismissal of this little girl, her family, and the community, they have shown that Twin Falls is only concerned with money. The Muslim refugees bring money, and they have been prioritized. The health, welfare and safety of the city’s children have been swept aside.

How is that brochure shaping up for you?

5 Comments on Has Twin Falls Become a Hellhole?

  1. Yes, we to vote these scoundrels out of office! In the meantime. We need to get the truth out and the pressure on our legislators that allowed these third world thugs/savages into our country, into Idaho and into Post Fall!

  2. Excellent! Well Written. Thousands of us across the world are following these city colluders with the followers of a 7th century clinical psychopath, Mhmd. Rape of infants was justified by him, and even today there are fatwas for it around the world. Google mufakhathat, but that is not what was done to the 5 year old. Do not let go of this story.

    Many of us are boycotting Chobani, and at some point it will take effect. With “refugees,” aka Obama’s moslem invaders, put in a place handling food, it is suspect considering they all insist on conforming to Sharia law, ie must squat, wipe with left hand only, no hand washing. What a great way to make the rest of us infidels across the US sick with E-coli.

    The best the citizens can do quickly is impeach, and/or wait until elections to get these traitors out of office.

  3. Gee Shari, I think you are being a little bit over critical of the actions taken by the criminal justice system and the main stream media down there in Twin Falls.
    I mean, give them a year or 2 to determine if the 3 boys in question “intended” to rape that little girl. Because, as we all know now there is no crime committed anymore without intent!!

    • Critical my ass. If it were your wife or child, you wouldn’t be worth a shit if you did any less. I know this, had it been my child, this matter would be solved, or someone would be paying dearly. this cannot be tolerated. And if this family or the elderly lady who broke up this unfortunate tragedy is actually being harassed and no neighbors have handled this, what a bunch of week sucks. In my neighborhood, this muslim family would find pigs wondering around their yard daily, possibly tied to their porch. who do these people think they are that they can come to this land, change our laws, harass our people, make demands because they are offended. You came to this land, accept it or go back to your land. I have been in foreign countries. When in their land, I honor their system. I may not like or agree with some things, but it is their country, and I am proud to come back to my homeland. This is not the country I grew up in, this is not the country I fought for, and its time to make America Great again, and it won’t happen with out a back bone. People, if these people harass your neighbors, get them the hell out of there, it works, I have seen it in our community.

      • I believe Terry was being sarcastic. I have met the father of the victim, it is just about all he can do NOT to take matters into his own hands.

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