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Redoubt News Endorses MATT SHEA

Republican Matt Shea for Washington 4th District on Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

Redoubt News Endorses MATT SHEA

Matt Shea is a Constitutional champion for the rights of “We The People”. His message of promoting constitutional principles, lower taxes, less government, and more freedom has taken hold with the citizens in Washington’s 4th District.

Shea has led the fight against “Big Government” with the Freedom Agenda, which has led the fight on citizens issues, like gun rights and stopping higher taxes.

Fighting for veteran’s, small business, and quality education for our children, are some of the topics that endear the citizens of Eastern Washington to Shea.

Constituents are pleased that he can be found easily, speaking at multiple local events, and is accessible to discuss his views and their concerns.

Shea takes his promises to heart. Signing the “no new or increased tax pledge” he has proven the people’s champion by vigorously defending the 2/3rds vote requirement to raise taxes.

Shea is a staunch supporter of Religious Liberty, the heart of our Republic. If we do not have the freedom to not participate in an activity based on sincerely held religious beliefs, then we do not have the Liberty that our country was founded on.

Shea has been representing Spokane Valley, and the rest of Washington, from a Constitutional Conservative stance, as the people of Washington want.

Matt Shea is a true American Patriot!

For these reasons, and more, Redoubt News is supporting Republican Matt Shea in the Washington 4th District  election on Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

Every Vote Counts!

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