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LPOSD – There is Misinformation Out There

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Yes There is Misinformation Out There:

In May 2016, LPOSD held information meetings for STAFF ONLY.

In June, LPOSD sent out a flyer that included incorrect levy amounts – to STAFF and PARENTS ONLY! They did not want the general public to know about this summer election. This is deceitful!

There has been mention by Perry and Woodward at various forums that the tax-payer would eventually come to oppose construction project after construction project. In analyzing what they did with Kootenai Elementary, they built in a contingency of one million dollars, and they over priced or settled for less project than they advertised to save construction expense, thereby pocketing $2.1M for the reserve fund. If that same approach is being done here with the size of this levy they will be pocketing into the reserve fund enough for the construction of another school and perhaps then some. Their plan to get this all at once. This is deceitful !

They had Facility Dir. Diel stated on radio (significant audience) that Doug Nichols was a licensed architect. Nichols is the one who cross-checked Diel’s numbers…these ratings are the basis for the entire levy charade. Woodward dismissed the claim that Nichols is licensed at the Middle school forum, far from the audience size of the radio. This is deceitful !

They claim $200 per sq. ft. for weeks and months and then one week prior claim it is $260. per sq.ft. Now explaining the $200 dollars has always been the Construction cost, the extra $60 is the soft costs permitting and over-runs. Never has there been a mention to the demolition and disposal costs. This is deceitful !

It was stated in the August 18th Reader article that Teater Consulting had no ties to the District and thus was a neutral party to this titanic levy effort.. That is false. Teater’s on 4 page resume of projects list Lake Pend Oreille School District three times and Hals’ July 2015 email to Teater “we paid you $26,000. in 2006.” This is deceitful!

Hals communicated with the Idaho Dept. of Ed. to get a legal opinion on the alternative H.S. being constructed at the Division street campus. LPOSD redacted information on an email that was later obtained from the Dept. of Ed. without redactions. The redactions show an effort to twist and manipulate the Idaho Code. Further a high legal opinion (not Berg) was sought which is contrary to the manipulations of LPOSD. This is deceitful !

Woodward and Perry stated at forums a 4.5% inflation number that makes the pay-as-you-go, traditional levy process, unattractive. What is not told is that on page 7 of the Piper Jaffrey report, the inflation amount is factored into the successive construction times and still comes out $1M less that the lease agreement option LPOSD wants to pursue. This is deceitful !

None of this was questioned or exposed by the bias radio or print media personalities; Wynhausen, Rasmussen, Bessler and McKiernan, This is an article all to itself.

Panhandle Alliance for Education (PAFE), through LPOSD, has taken ownership of this Levy effort, and arguably further the LPOSD Board of Trustees. The Primary promoters going from forum to forum are Woodward PAFE member, Perry PAFE member and Lewis PAFE President.

Dan Rose

Samuels, ID