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LFA Press Release – Kris Anne Hall and Congressman Tim Walberg

LFA strongly encourages all of our readers to contact Tim Walberg’s office.

LFA Press Release – Kris Anne Hall and Congressman Tim Walberg

KrisAnne Hall, standing 7 foot tall for Liberty against a congressman that becomes confrontational.  Because he claims she teaches the truth and not reality!

KrisAnne Hall – Constitutional Attorney, Author, Speaker, Radio Host
KrisAnne Hall

At a recent speaking engagement featuring constitutional speaker and author KrisAnne Hall, an exchange took place that should shock not just liberty activists, but any person interested in preserving the original meaning and intent of the United States Constitution.

Ms. Hall was speaking at a dinner in Hillsdale, Michigan recently.  In the audience that evening was Congressman Tim Walberg, representative for Michigan’s 7th congressional district.

Anthony Bosworth, LFA Tactical Commander, interviewed Kris Anne Hall about the exchange by phone shortly after her discussion with the congressman.

I was teaching my class on state sovereignty.  After the class, Representative Walberg began telling everyone that I was teaching error about government spending”, she began.   “So I asked him what the error was, because I don’t teach my opinion, I teach what James Madison said!”

Anthony Bosworth – LFA Tactical Commander
Anthony Bosworth – LFA Tactical Commander

He told me that I “…just don’t understand how it works.”  Then, he went on to say that the US Constitution is “an unattainable perfection and not reality.”

Bosworth pressed, “Let me get this straight, he admits Congress violates the constitution because he infers that authority simply because the people voted him into office?”

Yes, and that they are completely unlimited in their power, because the reality is the constitution is not “how the government really works,” Hall answered.

All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills.
Article I, Section 7, Clause 1 – US Constitution

Shockingly unenlightened – Congressman Tim Walberg of Michigan’s 7th CD. Official Photo.
Shockingly unenlightened – Congressman Tim Walberg of Michigan’s 7th CD. Official Photo.

In a statement to the local press, Ms. Hall said, “Mr. Walberg disagreed with the way the Father of the Constitution, James Madison, describes the duty and obligation of congress over the budget.  When I tried to discuss the matter with him he said the truth of the constitution is not reality and congress can vote anything into law unlimited by the constitution.  This self-proclaimed unfettered power exercised by those bound by the constitution is driving America into an unrecoverable debt spiral and destroying the fundamental principles that created our Constitutional Republic.”

The people are sick of it.”

Mr. Walberg is evidence that the real problem in America rests with the persistent and unconstitutional acts of congress.   They no longer operate as servants of the people, but consider themselves unlimited masters over all!”  Ms. Hall concluded.

View the exchange between KrisAnne Hall and Congressman Walberg.

Listen to KrisAnne Hall’s broadcast following the event.

Bosworth attempted to contact Rep. Walberg’s office for comment on this event. He was told by office staff, “That would be a campaign issue.”  Upon contacting his campaign office, Bosworth was asked for his contact information and told that “…it would be passed along.”  (At the time of this post, Bosworth had yet to hear back from the campaign staff.  We will update our post if and when he is contacted.)

Following the interview, Mr. Bosworth has this to say, “We at LFA are proud to see this true patriot send this vermin scurrying away like a rat.  They need to be confronted at every turn, every time they violate the blueprint of government we call the Constitution.  The words of our founding fathers are not mere opinions that are open to interpretation.  They are historical facts written by men who God so ordained to write them.”

It’s sad that more Americans don’t recognize cowardice when they see it.”  he concluded.

Matt Shea – Washington State Representative
Matt Shea – Washington State Representative

Because the ramifications of Representative Walberg’s unenlightened attitude are so far-ranging and consequential for all Americans, reactions from high profile public figures across the nation were swift:

Matt Shea, Representative from Washington State’s 4th LD –  “The most dangerous words in the English language are “Well, we’ve always done it this way…”  The status quo of usurped power and cowardly inaction is destroying our country.  It will take all of us, especially at the local level, to put the federal government back into its constitutionally-designed box.  We The People need to become the government again.”

Cope Reynolds – LFA Southern Commander
Cope Reynolds – LFA Southern Commander

Cope Reynolds, LFA Southern Commander, –  “The perceived power that some of those we entrust to represent us assume they have,simply does not exist in our form of government.  The only power they have comes from the consent of the governed, not the other way around!”

Heather Scott – Idaho State Representative
Heather Scott – Idaho State Representative

Heather Scott, Representative for Idaho’s District 1 –  “Congress is out of control and taking their orders from the top down!  Wake up, America!  Start exercising your power to control your elected officials.”

John Jacob, Radio Free Redoubt –  “One has to ask, when those labeled ‘the most conservative in congress and the legislatures’ argues that the constitution is only theoretical and does not work in the real world, do we even have a republic any longer, and is there any remaining hope of saving her?”

LFA strongly encourages all of our readers to contact Tim Walberg’s office and help inspire him to educate himself on the original intent and meaning of the United States Constitution and reorient himself, the duties of his office, and how it relates to the source of all authority in our government:  We The People.

Washington, D.C. Office
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Jackson Office
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Press release written and formatted by Mike Richards, LFA Auxiliary