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Letter to the Editor – LPOSD School Levy

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Letter to the Editor – LPOSD School Levy

Dear Editor…


There are so many questions and concerns about the upcoming $55 million LPOSD school

facilities levy that one almost doesn’t know where to begin.


First, why is the levy election being held on August 30th, in the midst of summer when voters

have many other things on their minds?  Few even know about the levy, and even fewer know

that it will double their school taxes.  In addition, are they aware that we taxpayers are on the

hook for $30,000 just to run this stand-alone election?  Why not have the vote nine weeks later

when the general election is held on November 8th?


Could it be that the LPOSD prefers not to have a large turnout when it comes time to vote on the levy?

The District states that the reason for the August vote is to allow construction of their many

building , remodeling, and updating plans to begin in early 2017, and that holding the levy

in November would delay the projects for another year.  What is the urgency?  Is there some

kind of emergency?  Are buildings so dilapidated that they are falling down?  Has there been

such poor maintenance that they all must be replaced, revamped, or remodeled within the

next two years?


The District’s justification is that consultants rated them as overwhelmingly

poor or unsatisfactory with only three being rated as “fair.”


The School Board chair admitted that, yes, they have “kicked the can down the road for many

years.”  Is that responsible school management?  I thought we had top-notch administrators.

We know they are highly paid.  Can’t we expect better from them?


Every response we hear from the District raises more questions.  I say, “Vote NO on this

irresponsible levy.

Maurine Petteruto