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Letter to the Editor – Controversial LPOSD Levy

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"Controversial" doesn’t begin to describe LPOSD’s latest levy for tearing
down and rebuilding three schools, adding on and remodeling others, new
sports fields, and a long Christmas wish list of other projects, not all of
them specified but all to be done in the next two years.  

Why the hurry?    No convincing answer has been given. 
We’re to believe that suddenly pretty much everything about our schools is
unsatisfactory.  What’s going on here?
The price tag is $55 million – more than the combined total of all school
facility levies in the entire state of Idaho.  

It will double your school tax for the next 6 years if you live in Sandpoint, Dover, Laclede, Hope,
Clark Fork, Sagle, Cocolalla, Kootenai, Ponderay and Samuels.
You won’t see the $55 million number on LPOSD’s signs.  They just want you
to vote Yes without bothering with the details.
Please vote No on August 30th. 

Ben Offer
Sandpoint, Idaho