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Lanting Has Tantrum Over Twin Falls Rape Victim

Lanting needs to Man-Up and Step Down!


Lanting Has Tantrum Over Twin Falls Rape Victim

by Shari Dovale

Greg Lanting is a city councilman and former Mayor of Twin Falls, Idaho. As such, he is honor bound to look out for all of the citizens in that city. But this man has no honor.

He recently took to Facebook to vilify a 5 year old rape victim and her family. The victim was attacked by multiple Muslim refugees on June 2, 2016. The attack has brought out the hate from refugee supporters like Lanting.

Lanting is considerably involved with pro-refugee activists, going as far as becoming liaison between the city council and the Magic Valley Refugee Advocates. He is heavily invested in the refugees, and the money they bring in to the city.

In his Facebook rant, Lanting accused the family of lying about the victim living with her father. First of all, the child has always lived with both of her parents. Second, why is this an issue for him? What has this got to do with the brutal attack on this sweet 5 year old child? Is Lanting so desperate to change the narrative that he is grasping at straws of any kind to bolster his precious refugees?

Next, Lanting accused the father of lying about seeing part of the video showing the attack on his daughter. Again, the facts have already proven Lanting to be wrong. However, this brings up his desperation again. Why would he even bother with this? What benefit does this bring to the discussion?

Is Lanting worried that his refugee gravy train may grind to a halt? Is it time to follow the money through his activism?

Lee Stranahan, of Breitbart News, has done a great job in covering the refugee issues in Twin Falls. They published an account of Lanting’s petulant child rant on Facebook. He quotes:

You realize these Internet Fake news agencies can LIE all they want and can never be proven wrong. The case is sealed we will never know more than we know now. Another obvious lie is the child does not live with the father. The police and now the courts have had the video since the night of the assault. The father as far as I know it is not even involved with the child. All Caps no way he saw the video. I doubt they even talked to him. Let justice be served and let this child have a chance at a normal life without making up lies about what happened to her. The police and the courts are doing every thing according to state law!!!

We at Redoubt News traveled to Twin Falls and met the family. We met both parents and both children. We saw first hand the devastating affects they are living through due to the original attack and the subsequent attacks by the people that are supposed to be on their side, such as Lanting.

Lanting is throwing his weight around to insure the refugees have more rights than their victims. This must be why he believes he has the right to victimize this little 5 year old and her family without consequences.

US Attorney Wendy J. Olson has already been on record for threatening citizens with federal prosecution for inflammatory remarks against the refugee criminals in this case. Is she going to bail on the victim again and allow these “inflammatory remarks” against the family, and this 5 year old, to continue?

She insinuated herself into this case on behalf of the suspects. When is she going to put herself on the side of the victim?

Lanting not only owes the family a very public apology, he needs to man-up and remove himself from any public position he holds in connection to the refugees.


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