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Guthrie & Perry: Scandal In the Idaho Statehouse

These two need to admit their faults and step out of public positions of trust.


Guthrie and Perry: Scandal In the Idaho Statehouse

By Shari Dovale

Has Lance Earl of DallyPost uncovered waste, fraud and abuse in our State House, in the form of sexual indiscretions and adultery?

Barbara Guthrie, wife of Idaho Senator Jim Guthrie of McCammon, has disclosed in exclusive interviews, that her husband had a long term affair with Representative Christy Perry, Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee.

During these interviews, Mrs. Guthrie shared documents, phone records and more with Earl. She included a disgusting “Selfie” that the Senator sent to Mrs. Perry. (I am very glad that was not in the article, but I am sure it may be available to those that would like to see it.)

The problem is not just the immoral behavior these two have practiced. But lying about this behavior, and the great possibility of using public funds to pay for their trysts, this would be considered fraud on the Idaho taxpayers.

Have they charged mileage, hotels, or other fees to the public? Well, in returning from a trip to the Nation’s capital, Mrs. Guthrie found sex toys hidden in his clothing. That does not sound like official business to me.

Have they managed their hanky-panky on State time? There are phone records to suggest such.

I know that many may point to former President Bill Clinton and suggest that he set a new standard for public officials. Is this really what we want to pay for and fund? Is it really the best use of taxpayer money? The Clinton ideology is not what I agreed to support. Morals actually count with me.

The lies are very telling into a person’s character. Can we really trust Guthrie and Perry? I would suggest that citizen’s should question any elected official that would stray and lie, not just to their spouse, but to the public.

I think it may be time for Guthrie and Perry to “Man-Up” and Step Down.

We thank Lance Earl and DallyPost for bringing this to the attention of the Idaho Citizens.

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2 Comments on Guthrie & Perry: Scandal In the Idaho Statehouse

  1. Why is it the Republicans have to step down after some indiscretions? Yes, it was wrong…..and maybe they broke the law by misusing their travel funds…..but what about all the crap the Clintons have pulled?

    • >>it was wrong…..and maybe they broke the law<< I think maybe you answered your own question.
      Someone needs to step up and be held accountable. 'They did it, too' is not reason enough for us to give up our principles and morals.

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