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Grant Loebs is New Advocate For Rape Victim – NOT!

This child needs Loebs help and attention.

Grant Loebs

Grant Loebs is New Advocate For Rape Victim – NOT!

By Shari Dovale

Redoubt News went to Twin Falls this week and came face to face with some hard truth. Meeting the family of the 5 year old rape victim, we saw first hand how the victim, and her family, are being treated by the prosecutor’s office.

Prosecutor Grant Loebs has removed the original victim’s advocate from the case. This woman has not accomplished any help for the family. The only thing she has done is to repeat to the family that their application for services is not complete, and they must continue to wait for help. This is over TWO MONTHS after the attack.

Yet, she has complained that she is being threatened for being on the case. Loebs obviously, agreed that her safety is paramount, and took over, himself, as the family’s advocate.

Yes, that is correct. Grant Loebs is now the family’s advocate within victim’s services, and he has not obtained any help for the family either.

The 5 year old little girl was brutally raped by a group of Muslim refugees on June 2, 2016. The little girl, and a witness, have claimed there were actually 4 perpetrators, but Loebs continues to claim only 3 suspects.

The little girl, and a witness, say there was a threat with a knife. Indeed, there was a cut on the little girl’s neck. Yet, Loebs has not addressed that issue as a serious piece of evidence. It is claimed by the government that there was only a scratch. I would like to know how deep the cut must be for it to count as serious?

The Prosecutor’s office has gone out of their way to ensure that the suspects are being treated well and fairly. They have reduced the distance that they must stay away from the victim from 300 feet to 100 feet, because it seemed over-burdensome to the alleged criminals. They have been released from custody. Their information is being closely guarded.

No thought was given to the little girl, who is now afraid to go outside. Her information is not being protected. SHE is not being protected.

The family has yet to receive the medical records they have, repeatedly, asked for. They have been told that their daughter needs more medical care, including ongoing blood work, as a direct result of the attack. Representative Clow referred to these records, showing he had access to them, yet the family continues to be denied.

The victim’s family has been attempting to relocate to a safer home, yet they are told there is nothing available. The refugee boys, and their families were relocated easily. Victim Services should be helping this family to relocate, yet, their victim advocate, Grant Loebs, has not lifted a finger to assist them. They have had to move around from motel to motel to feel safe from threats they receive.

The little girl spends most of her time in a closet, she is afraid to come out. She wears double clothing, panties and shirts, to protect herself. Over two months after the attack, she has not received any therapy in dealing with what happened to her.

And how has Grant Loebs responded?

He told the media several weeks ago, that there was new evidence in the case. He did not discuss this evidence with the family. He did not prepare them for what they would hear in court. He allowed them to be shocked in the courtroom when they heard that the violations against their daughter went further than they originally thought.

It came out in court that their were at least two suspects involved in multiple physical violations of this child. Yet, these (alleged) criminals are still walking around in celebration of their horrific acts.

And the victim hides in her closet.

Do you think that Loebs, as the prosecutor and victim’s advocate, should have sat down with the family and warned them ahead of time of this new evidence? Advocates are supposed to think of the victim first.

Loebs wrote an article for a local paper in which he outlined a few of the services that victim’s will receive. In it, Loebs states:

Most citizens also know that victims and their families have certain rights. These rights are guaranteed under Idaho’s Constitution. They have the right to be informed about their cases; to participate in discussions about resolution of those cases; to be informed about evidence and trial preparations. In the Fawnbrook case, the victim’s family has been kept informed at every step of the case. They have been told that, while they cannot have copies of the police reports and evidence (for the reasons cited above), they are free to fully view these documents at any time of their choosing.

Why then was they family shocked and appalled at the “new evidence” presented in court? They were not informed by Loebs, or anyone from his office.

There are clearly conflicting statements being made. It seems that someone is not being honest. The prosecutors office, and Grant Loebs specifically, claim the victim’s family are being helped. They are receiving assistance and counseling. Yet, I saw for myself that isn’t being done. He claims they are being kept informed, yet, they told me how shocked they were at the new developments presented in court.

Redoubt News challenges Grant Loebs to start putting the victim first! Stop pandering to the refugee advocates. This child needs your help and attention. Do the job you were elected to do, and start looking out for this child!

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