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We know it is the right thing to do for us, our children, and our community.

Boundary County, Idaho Photo: Redoubt News


When Does It End?

By Linda Fontanes

Beautiful Boundary County is headed for a disaster! Really? We have been jailed in our own county and most of us don’t even realize it. We are one big burn away.

Where is the timber industry?

Where is the hunting and fishing industry?

Where is the clean air and clean water?

They are all being choked out! Situations change only when people decide to change them. Silence does not work against an invasive agenda. We are systematically being locked out and the invaders are surrounding us.

Boundary County Graph from University of Idaho

Boundary County is in Idaho. The Federal Government is occupying most of the land in our County. Ask the Federal Government to show the DEED to Boundary County Forest Land. They cannot!

Let us make an analogy: If you were to put a land management company in charge of your 20 acre backyard, trusting the management company to maintain your back yard in its beautiful natural state and they start letting it overgrow so much so you can’t even see 20ft beyond your backdoor. You can no longer find the stream that used to run through your property and there are so many dead trees that can’t find a drop of sunlight through the overgrowth that your backyard looks like Halloween. Your dog has been relegated to relieve himself in the front yard for fear of being lost forever in the back yard. Did I mention your huckleberry patch that has all but disappeared? So the land management company does not really want you to “see your backyard” in this condition so they put a locked gate outside your backdoor so you can no longer visit your own back yard.

FIRE THE LAND MANAGEMENT COMPANY and have your neighbor, who has been laid-off by Tom’s Timber Company, go back to work for Tom and come in to your backyard at no cost to you and clean it up. As a matter of fact, your neighbor will pay you timber $$ to clean it up; enough $$ to you and enough $$ to the County that you won’t have to pay big $$ to the County out of your budget for County services. Does the winning ever stop?

So back to the question, when does it end? Answer: It ends when you fire the Federal Management Company and get rid of the locked gates, have the timber industry clean up the mess in our backyard to the major benefit of our community and local economy. The most conservative money numbers would make you dizzy, and the Commissioners very happy. Say ‘goodbye’ to increased taxes and levies and ‘hello’ to better schools, happy huckleberry picking, great hunting and fishing, farming, healthy air, water and forests.

We know it is the right thing to do for us, our children, and our community.

Our commissioners need your support and input.


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