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MORE Federal Political BIAS in Sentencing Guidelines

The court made a point of citing Bera's advanced age and associated health issues as a factor in his sentencing.

Babulal Bera

MORE Federal Political BIAS in Sentencing Guidelines

by Shari Dovale

On Thursday, the Federal government showed their bias AGAIN towards the Liberal Democrats and against the Constitution-Loving Patriots.

Babulal Bera was convicted of Federal Election money laundering crimes in Sacramento, CA. However, in direct contradiction to the interpretation of federal guidelines used to sentence Patriot Political Prisoners, this man was given extra consideration.

Bera is 83 years old, and violated the sanctity of our Election Laws. He lied and financed approximately 90 donations from his own pocket towards his son’s, Rep. Ami Bera (D), Congressional campaigns. The totals reach nearly $270,000.

The Federal guidelines for sentencing of this crime include 3 years of incarceration. U.S. District Judge Troy L. Nunley acknowledged Bera’s age would make a prison term more difficult for him than for a younger man. This means that the court made a point of citing the criminal defendant’s advanced age and associated health issues as a factor in his sentencing.

Bera is 83 years old. Joe Robertson is a 77 year old disabled vet. Dwight Hammond is 73 years old and Cliven Bundy is 70.

Although he used an interpreter in previous court appearances, on Thursday Bera addressed the judge in English. I suppose this could be used to imply that the man did not understand the law, and did not intend to break it, just like Hillary.

But money laundering through the election process is a heck of lot more severe than building a stock pond on your own property, or doing a small controlled burn to save your property.

Bera was sentenced to 12 months and 1 day in prison. He should be out in a few months. He was also given 90 days to turn himself in, unlike Joe Robertson who was cuffed in the courtroom and not given a chance to even say goodbye to his wife.

It seems pretty obvious that the higher up the liberal food chain you go, and commit even more serious crimes, the easier sentence you will receive. That is, if your political standing is high enough, such as the Democratic Nominee, then you can basically get away with anything.

Obviously, the Hammonds, Bundys and Robertsons did not pay enough attention to these lessons.