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Bonner County School Tax Levy

The school board decision to "rush-to-pass" a $55,000 million levy is totally wrong.

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Bonner County School Tax Levy

The school board decision to “rush-to-pass” a $55,000 million levy without further study
and community input is totally wrong. The levy amount and methods employed to bring it
before the voters are highly suspect. I would ask, what are we teaching the very children
it is to benefit? That it is proper to use whatever devious method necessary to attain
the objective, including limited study of needs or options; excessive spending on
election costs instead of including it with the general election; or that private
correspondence to parents and school personnel is being forthright? Is it the end
justifies the means?

Also, considering the amount of money involved, isn’t a bond
issue the right course of action? And how does declining enrollment fit in this proposal?
I’m a 4th-generation Idahoan, with a degree in education from the U of I, and I am
passionate about quality education. I support adequate resources for our schools but
oppose this levy because its process and burden on Bonner County taxpayers cannot be
justified. Over 2,500 tax delinquency notices were mailed to Bonner County residents in
the recent tax period. And now it is proposed that we dramatically increase their tax
liability even further? Have you no conscience?

I propose taking a step back and reevaluating the entire proposal.

Furthermore, if taxpayers understood the planned financing method of the proposal, they
would oppose it. This is Idaho; we don’t believe in a “passing the bill to find out
what’s in it” philosophy. We can’t afford a “rush-to-pass” tax levy.

Ray Millard
Hope, ID

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