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The American Redoubt Welcomes Brigitte Gabriel

The Twin Falls Mayor and the City Council, who had originally confirmed to attend, chose to not show as a group.

Gabriel with Security team.

The American Redoubt Welcomes Brigitte Gabriel

By Shari Dovale

Brigitte Gabriel hit Twin Falls this week, and brought her message of the dangers of Radical Islam to an enthusiastic crowd. Nearly 700 people gathered to hear her, and she did not disappoint.

A very personable speaker, Gabriel travels under an assumed name for obvious reasons, yet she does not let the constant threats against her stop her message.

Act For America‘ is the organization Gabriel began, and they have grown to over 1,000 chapters in all 50 states, with over 300,000 members. The chapter in Twin Falls in headed up by Julie Ruf, a dedicated mom who has been with ACT for about a year and a half. You will find her at all major events, many city council meetings, and assisting victims within the community.

Gabriel with event staff, We The People.

The local ACT chapter is also part of the group “We The People.” They are a local activist organization made of of various local groups and individual citizens. ‘We The People’, along with DallyPost Tactical and 3% of Idaho, sponsored the evenings events and provided security.

Gabriel does not mince her words, or play softly when talking about Radical Islam. She wants to desensitize the citizens and share the truth with them. She tells horrifying stories that the main stream media will not share with you. However, those stories are important for everyone to understand that this is not the Religion of Peace the media would have you believe.

Gabriel grew up in Lebanon when it was a majority Christian nation. Raised as a Christian, she explained how her country brought in refugees, and her country was slowly changed. It is now a predominantly Muslim nation at about 55% of the population.

She shares stories that will resonate with her listeners. Stories from her childhood, such as how her family said their final goodbyes to each other on a daily basis as they hid in a bunker, touched many in the audience.

BG 01The crowd gave her a standing ovation, and hundreds stayed later to obtained autographed copies of her newest book.

The only disappointing part of the evening was the Twin Falls Mayor and City Council, who had originally confirmed to attend. They chose to not show as a group.

As with many national speakers on this, and other issues, it is certainly worth attending. I am glad that I did.

Politics get in the way.