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Only Ten Words Left By Travis Reed

The shepherd who takes care of the sheep is also the one who leads them to the slaughter house.


Only Ten Words Left

By Travis Reed

We all have heard the term political correctness, but have we really considered where we are heading with so many words and phrases becoming unacceptable? Is there an end to it? Or possibly an unspoken goal? Does it stop with just political correctness or are there things we haven’t considered that are also leading in the same direction?

I know many of us have become frustrated with the extremes in which our society tends to react to certain things. From not allowing kids to pretend their fingers are a gun at school, but still let them watch movies and play games with violence, to the uproar that goes with the use of simple words that have multiple meanings. Often the original meaning was harmless and commonly used before someone decided to start using it in a derogatory way.

Now these are simple things when you look at them individually. However, once you start looking at the amount of taboos that we have started piling up over what once were fairly innocent things, I start to think we might be overlooking something.

Who starts the process of making a word unacceptable? I understand many people believe it’s just an attempt to make us nicer to those around us, but admit it – we will always find a way to insult people. So, why do we decide which words and actions to brainwash out of our society? Maybe the clue is in the political part of the term political correctness. Are we willingly allowing the politics to slowly take our freedom of speech by reducing what we can say? After all if we can only use ten words we would be easy to control and keep in line.

I believe that most of the issue lies in the tendency of people to jump on the bandwagon of ideas and ride them until the train jumps the track. Then we have a bigger problem than we started with.

When we run as a flock and don’t stop and think for ourselves we may be heading straight to the slaughter. After all the shepherd who takes care of the sheep is also the one who leads them to the slaughter house.


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