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It’s the Supreme Court!

The liberal justices believe the Constitution is an antiquated document, no longer relevant in its historical form—that it is fluid and evolving.


It’s the Supreme Court!

by Lynda Friesen

Raise your hand if you recall the phrase, “It’s the economy, stupid!” This pithy, oft-repeated slogan was created by a Bill Clinton campaign strategist. It reflected what was arguably the biggest concern of the day, as America attempted to overcome a difficult recession.

Today’s campaign slogan should rightly be, “It’s the Supreme Court, stupid!

You do recognize that this is the real issue this Presidential election is all about, don’t you? This is the sine qua non for both parties.

America has reached the tipping point, my friends. She is up for grabs. Whichever candidate becomes our next President will appoint justices who will determine whether America will remain America, or whether she will be totally transformed into the Progressive, socialist dream long-sought by powerful elites, from which there will be no going back.

Think this is hyperbole? Think again.

Since the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, there is a 4-4 split in the Supreme Court between liberals and conservatives. The next President will fill a predicted three or four vacancies. He or she will decide which group will constitute the Court’s majority for decades—generations—to come.

Did you get that?

 Justice Antonin Scalia
Justice Antonin Scalia

The conservative justices are Constitutionalists. In contrast to judicial activism, they believe in judicial restraint—the “theory of judicial interpretation that encourages judges to limit the exercise of their own power.” Judicial restraint stresses that judges should hesitate to strike down laws unless they are clearly unconstitutional. It seeks to limit the power of judges to create new laws or policy, and to uphold the laws established by Congress, respecting the Constitutional separation of powers. Sometimes referred to as originalists or textualists, their philosophy emphasizes faithfulness to the originally intended meaning of our state and federal constitutions and laws—the very things that have made America great.

The liberal justices believe the Constitution is an antiquated document, no longer relevant in its historical form—that it is fluid and evolving. They believe it should serve merely as a guideline, very much open to the interpretation of the moment. They are activists who, ignoring the Constitution’s separation of powers, usurp the role of the Congress and legislate from the Bench, according to their own ideology and inclination. They find Constitutional rights where no such rights exist—such as the right to kill preborn children and the right to use any bathroom one chooses. Conversely, they continue to erode clear and obvious Constitutional rights, such as religious freedom and the right to bear arms. Liberal Supreme Court justices actively promote the Progressive agenda in ways that go far beyond their Constitutionally-limited powers, and continue to get away with this illegitimate activity.

Do you see where this is going?

“One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all And in the shadows bind them.”

Hillary Clinton and her fellow Leftist liberals and aggressive statist Progressives are salivating at the thought of finally grasping the power to enable them to complete the transformation of America they have long sought. With a nod to Tolkien, stacking the court with “progressives” is the equivalent of wielding the One Ring of Power that unites them all, rendering the wearer virtually invincible. Having Supreme Court justices function as legislators-in-robes whom no one can gainsay represents the ultimate power and control that will enable them to achieve their goals.

And to achieve them in a way that cannot be undone.

Did you get that?

With liberal, activist jurists who ignore the Constitution, who are appointed for life, they can aggressively legislate from the Bench the entire Progressive agenda, and we will have no recourse. Our Constitution—the unique blueprint for America’s exceptionalism—will effectively become an artifact of the past, and those who have seized power can govern however they see fit.

That includes reversing any previous court decisions they don’t like.

Did you get that?

According to CBS News, “’If you were to replace one of the conservatives… with a liberal, then you would have a radical change going forward and you may even have some changes going backwards,’ said [Jesse] Choper, who pointed out that a court with a liberal majority could reverse earlier cases.”

To understand the truth of the phrase “we will have no recourse” or ability to undo anything a Hillary Administration chooses to do, consider:

  • We will have no recourse to the High Court, the appeal of last resort, because Hillary will have total control over it via her ideologically like-minded judicial appointees.
  • We will have no recourse to the protection of prior court decisions if the Clinton court chooses to reverse them.
  • We will have no means to compel justice or redress in any of these matters, no matter how Constitutionally illegitimate, no matter how oppressive and tyrannical life might become due to the policies and decisions of a Hillary Administration. This is because one of the topmost goals Hillary and her ilk have long pursued is gun control. She has clearly telegraphed the message that gun control will be one of her foremost efforts, one which she is certain to win when she has stacked the court with ideologues in her image. Score! Finally, that pesky Second Amendment, which the Founders inserted specifically as a deterrent to tyranny, can be totally dismissed. Resistance to their gun-grabbing, and/or armed or violent resistance to anything else government despots attempt, would result in a bloody civil war, the horrors of which we can scarcely envision. Obama has made chilling preparation for such a scenario through Executive Orders—check some of them out here and here.

CourtConsider every one of the Constitutional rights American citizens have which are under fire from the Left. Freedom of speech? Freedom of religion? The right to bear arms? Freedom from unwarranted search and seizure? The right to a speedy and public trial? States’ rights? Kiss them good-bye, at least in any form we would currently recognize. If they continue to exist at all under Hillary, it will be in a form defined by, and at the pleasure of, statist tyrants.

Oh, my friends, aggressive Leftist Progressives are exquisitely aware that the power to enact their entire agenda is so tantalizingly close they can taste it. They are lusting for the realization of all they have been planning for, working for, for decades. (See here.) They will do anything to grasp the prize dangling so near at last.

And this—this is why they are attacking Donald Trump relentlessly. Mercilessly. Colluding with the mainstream media, with lies and innuendo. Because if Hillary doesn’t win, the prize of controlling the direction of the Supreme Court for many, many years will fall to Trump. And Trump has promised to appoint Constitutional justices, not activist ones. The names he produced as jurists representative of what he will look for in his appointees to the Court were solidly lauded by conservative legal scholars. Trump’s campaign disclosed the list was compiled “first and foremost, based on Constitutional principles, with input from highly respected conservatives and Republican Party leadership.”

Perhaps the most powerful, though unintended, endorsement of the list’s conservative bona fides came from Trump’s likely opponent this fall. Within hours of the list’s release, Hillary Clinton was raising money by warning progressives that “The list includes extreme ideologues who, if given the chance, would likely roll back our progress in critical fights like marriage equality and health care—and would do devastating damage to a woman’s right to choose, a union’s right to organize, and everyone’s right to vote.”

hillaryTranslating that to conservative-speak, Clinton is saying that the folks on Trump’s Supreme Court list can be counted on to protect religious liberty, strike down any unlawful provisions in Obama Care and its implementing regulations, allow reasonable restrictions on abortion, protect the rights of workers who choose not to join a union, and uphold states’ efforts to combat voter fraud, all of which describes the type of judge conservatives are looking for.

But those names have utterly terrified Progressive socialists, as an Internet search reveals.

Washington Times columnist Cal Thomas noted: “A clear sign of how well these men and women would perform on the court is the reaction by Hillary Clinton, who calls them ‘extreme ideologues.’ Today, if one wishes to return to the boundaries set for government by the Constitution, the left considers that extreme. Violating constitutional boundaries is considered ‘progressive.’”

Wake up, lovers of America! In this election, we don’t have the luxury of not voting, because every vote counts. We don’t have the luxury of writing in a candidate, because a write-in has no chance of defeating Hillary. Our nation is facing an existential threat in the form of a Hillary Clinton Administration. These are extraordinary, emergency circumstances. Whatever else you think about Trump, know this: He is our only hope to prevent the unhindered takeover of our country by Progressive socialist tyranny, from which we would not recover. This is not something that could be fixed in the next election! We must come together in order to defeat their goals for this election, or America as we know and love her will be consigned to the pages of history.

For the sake of our America, and the future of our children and grandchildren, I beg you not to be manipulated by the divide-and-conquer tactics of those who care about their own agenda, their own power and control—and not the freedom of you and your children to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Please help spread this warning.


[NOTE: Stay tuned for a critical analysis of Donald Trump’s candidacy.]


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  1. WOW ! My only question is, why haven’t we heard more from Ms Friesen ? I love a well crafted and biting essay, and her “It’s the Supreme Court” is one job of work ! Would it be inappropriate to use the word “Virile” in praise of a piece from the distaff side ? No matter ! How perfect her allusion to the Ring of Power vs SCOTUS ! This dates from mid 2016, but still obtains. If anything, the ravening Clintonites, are even more fanatical. We hope that the last recourse will not be needed….

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