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Politics over Patriotism

We want Old Glory being proudly waved!

Memorial Day

Politics over Patriotism

by Don Bradway

Once again, the Coeur d’Alene Chamber of Commerce has put politics before patriotism with their annual 4th of July parade in downtown CdA.

The Kootenai County Republican Central Committee had, once again, requested, via their parade entry paperwork, to be allowed to be close to the front of the parade. Why, you ask? Shouldn’t that be determined by the order in which entry paperwork was submitted? In most cases, certainly.

However, the KCRCC is the ONLY group marching in the parade that is allowed to pass out ANYTHING to those watching the parade. What is that thing? Why, it’s small, hand-held American flags that are primarily given to the children watching the event. They are then encouraged to wave the flags as parade entrants march by. Wouldn’t it be nice if the children (and others) had those flags in hand for the majority of the time the parade is passing by?

If the KCRCC was allowed to be close to the front of the parade then that would be accomplished. However, the CdA Chamber of Commerce chose to put the KCRCC entry in the 44th position, out of 72 entrants. The Democrats are in the 34th position and the PFLAG  (Parents and Families of Lesbians and Gays) entry is 29th. Take that, you mean Republicans!

Idaho and, especially Kootenai County, are supposed to be “red” areas but not in Coeur d’Alene, by golly! We don’t care that you’re handing out symbols of this magnificent country, we don’t think you deserve to be closer to the front of the parade. So there!

So, what’s the answer? I suggest true patriots contact the CdA Chamber of Commerce and voice their displeasure with the positioning of the KCRCC “float” and the resulting reduced time those watching the parade have to wave their (American-made) flags.

As for those of us marching in the parade, we have plans to thwart the C of C’s mean spirits. Many of us plan to be at the front of the parade, walking the sidelines and handing out flags, well ahead of the crowd. We aren’t looking for fame, we want Old Glory being proudly waved as service members, firefighters and law enforcement officers march by.

Wish us luck!