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My Patriot Academy Experience

Young people who are ready and willing to carry the torch of freedom.

Patriot Academy

My Patriot Academy Experience

By Eliana Kernodle


Patriot AcademyPatriot Academy was an amazing experience. Going to Patriot Academy is definitely high on my list of the best decisions I have made. Those three days will not be soon forgotten and I cannot wait to go back next year.

Each student brings a bill to present at the academy. My bill was on parental rights in education. During the first day I was able to get feedback on my bill from the other students. The second day we had our first committee meeting. I was among the first to present in my committee. I did not write any notes because I thought I wouldEliana remember my arguments when the time came. That was a mistake, always have notes. Thankfully, one of the older students stood by me and helped me. Despite my less than perfect presentation my bill passed unanimously. It was placed on the calendar for the second floor session.

Floor session was the first thing we did on our last day and I was first to present my bill. No one likes to be first but at least I had made it to the House floor. This time I had notes and my presentation went much more smoothly; however, it was still nice having friends gathered around me as I presented. Again my bill passed unanimously! It was very exciting to pass a bill especially since this was my first time.

last dayBesides presenting my bill, I really enjoyed the debates on the house floor. The one that was the most interesting was over a bill on term limits. Throughout most of this debate I was undecided. I had a number of different people try to convince me one way or the other. Sometimes even a few at once. Eventually I came to conclusion that I agree with term limits. I learned sometimes the process of choosing what you believe can be quite difficult and it can be tempting to believe whatever someone you deem as older and wiser believes. However, it is very satisfying to know you came to a conclusion all on your own.

Probably what I enjoyed most about Patriot Academy was the opportunity to learn and to meet others who are just as eager to learn as I am. It is crazy how much you can learn in three days. I have been so blessed to meet other young people who are ready and willing to learn how to carry the torch of freedom we are being passed.

Patriot Academy
Eliana with Rick Green


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