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Judge Rules Against Political Prisoners AGAIN

Judge Brown is a willing accomplice to the shredding of the Constitution and the Rights of We The People.

Was LaVoy Finicum on the KILL LIST?

Judge Rules Against Political Prisoners AGAIN

by Shari Dovale

Judge Anna Brown came out with another ruling on Friday, July 15, 2016. This ruling was designed to keep relevant evidence out of the trial against Ammon Bundy and his fellow political prisoners from the Malheur Refuge.

The ruling was specifically concerning the behavior of the FBI officers at the murder of LaVoy Finicum on January 26th. The proof of their misconduct, their lies, and the manipulation of evidence went to the grand jury last month.

The prosecution has argued the evidence does not need to be turned over to the defense as it does not pertain to the superseding indictment in this case. Defense attorneys argue that, of course, it does need to be turned over as it can be used to impeach the government witnesses. Prosecutors argue that they will not call these particular witnesses, so the defense argument is moot.

Judge Brown has ruled in favor of the prosecution in another blatant attempt to keep the people from exercising their rights.

Yes, this ruling is against the citizens of this country, not just those named in the sham indictment.

First of all, the defense has a right to call their own witnesses. Why is the prosecution controlling whether or not these particular FBI stooges (Yes, manipulate evidence and you rate no higher than stooge, and should stand trial) are called by the defense?

Secondly, the defense has an obligation to show the behavior of the government, and the FBI, which had a direct effect on the behavior of those at the refuge. The murder of LaVoy is part of the proof of the continuing pattern of intimidation the government employed against the protesters and witnesses.

Next, the government contends that the event on the highway that led to the murder of LaVoy was not related to the Refuge. Why then is the government going back in time, prior to January 2nd, to attempt to prove their case of planning and mindset? If the defense is only allowed to use the events that occurred at the refuge, then the government should be held to the same standard.

The defense has a mountain of evidence showing the intimidation by the government, beginning with 22 affidavits of witnesses that refuted the government narrative. This is only a small portion of witness statements they could have submitted, as I know of many more available to the defense, including my own.

I wrote repeatedly about my experiences in Burns and at the Refuge. I was not afraid to admit that I felt safer at the Refuge than I did in town, as the government intimidation was higher than I could possibly have imagined.

The government has continued to manipulate the people and events that surrounded the protest in Burns, the events that led to LaVoy being murdered, past the final day of February 11th, and it continues today. Judge Brown is a willing accomplice to the shredding of the Constitution and the Rights of We The People.

We must continue to hold fast and stay strong. We The People will fight Tyranny!

The Americans Are Coming!

4 Comments on Judge Rules Against Political Prisoners AGAIN

  1. I”m amused and certainly not surprised that your “editorial board” didn’t have the intellectual integrity or man-to-man honesty to publish my comment. Go figure

  2. I have no qualms commenting on this, as I’m already on the list. The rule of law no longer exists, and this is so darned typical it’s sickening. It’s amazing they are so brazen, in our collective face, with no fear of retaliation, or perhaps that is their ultimate goal…….. one of these day’s the absurdity of it all, is going to get very real. The fifth column in our government, all of it’s tentacles, is of the order out of chaos meme, and are fully vested in violent revolution. So they try their hardest to provoke those who believe in peaceful solutions first and foremost, into an armed conflict. This will allow them to work toward their ultimate goal of reducing the population to a half billion. Lavoy should never be forgotten, he is the standard bearer for the patriot movement.

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