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Divide and Conquer By Bret Roush

If we don't get our heads out of the sand we will get exactly what we allow!

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Divide and Conquer

By Bret Roush

The best way to fight any enemy that can easily overpower you is to simply divide them, then conquer each, smaller, half. It doesn’t matter how you divide them, be it over health, religion, or location, as long as your enemy ends up split down the middle. That is what our current government has done. It seems to be only the last 8 years, but it is not.

Despite how the United States is a constitutional republic that gets its power from the people, that very government is what has divided this country. In a government of the people and by the people, the people must be informed. Hence, the first amendment which, among other things, guarantees a freedom of religion and a freedom of speech. Shouldn’t that indicate to EVERYONE that the founders recognized that the morals of the country were based on religion? That speech began in the pulpit and could not (and should not) be controlled by the government.

Why then would the ‘powers that be’ endorse a book that supplies no backing to it’s claims to be used as a text in our schools that says our founders were not Godly men? It is a way to divide us, and with each division, gain a little more control. Unintended Consequences? I think not!

I believe they are fully intended, not as fast as the ‘powers that be’ would wish, but enough to allow them to make their money and live in comfort while moving forward with the next part of their plan.

Another division this decade, a different one the next, then bring back the old division with a twist. Religion, Catholic, Judaism, how many flavors of Protestant? Race? Irish, Indian, Black, Brown, what to twist next? Sex? Free love, homosexual love, transgender, bisexual. Now bring back religion, and import races with a religion that hates anything but man and woman, but in fact regards women as lesser than men. Should we even get into the ‘Politically Correct’ issues?

They are destroying the United States of America, and we haven’t even started on the attacks on amendments 2 through 10, let alone Genesis through Revelations.

If we don’t get our heads out of the sand we will get exactly what we allow, tyrannic and vicious rulers of this formerly free country. We will be divided and conquered.

PS… Just don’t be distracted by Hillary anymore. We have other things to concern us.

1 Comment on Divide and Conquer By Bret Roush

  1. I agree Hillary Clinton is a big distraction from the real story an over reaching federal government that is run by multi national corporations. They have no interest in keeping our American values intact.

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