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Coalition of Western States On Created CHAOS

We must stand together if we are to survive the current attack on our heritage, constitution, and the rule of law.


Coalition of Western States On Created CHAOS In The U.S.

The Coalition of Western States (COWS) extends our condolences to the families of Brent Thompson, Patrick Zamarripa, Michael Krol, Lorne Ahrens, Michael Smith, the honorable men senselessly murdered in Dallas while peacefully performing their duty.

Likewise we extend condolences to the family of Philando Castile, fallen officers, and all other citizens killed or wounded in this atmosphere of unnecessary violence.

COWS and the American patriots across the nation will stand with our police and our brothers and sisters in the black community as one.

The rise of an elite ruling class has paved the way to unconstitutional laws placed on the books by politicians who wish to enslave, control and divide us.

This manufactured division has opened the door to what we are seeing today. It is not the history, nor the heritage of Americans to resort to mass murder as a form of protest.

Our heritage has been one of peaceful protest while exercising constitutionally protected rights. This heritage includes the early Black Panthers, who fed school children and followed police to ensure arrests were non-violent, to the recent cowboys and patriots across the West who protested against seizure of private property.

The split we have allowed in this country has opened the door for an enemy poised to take advantage of our disunity. The violent mass murders we see today are not the product of average Americans.

The media, the President, and a failed administration have all played their part in orchestrating this division. Now is the time to recognize the source of this disunity to come together to fight against it.

The common thread of most of these mass killings is domestic Muslim insurgency. Financed through organizations that rub shoulders with the highest levels of our government, they have infiltrated the Black Lives Matter movement. 


 Their communications reveal a plan to lead that movement this summer, spilling as much blood as possible.

We stand with all of our fellow countrymen, who come forward with legitimate grievances, regardless of ethnicity. Valid grievances and pain should not be hijacked by an outside enemy.

We must stand together if we are to survive the current attack on our heritage, constitution, and the rule of law. It is the duty of all Americans to join in this task.

COWS stands with all officers who risk their lives every day to keep our streets safe. Likewise The Coalition of Western States supports the right of all Americans to retain the God given right of self protection so that all can defend themselves during these perilous times.

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  1. Need to recognize that the domestic Muslim contingent was systematically recruited in large part from the prisoner ranks. This was, of course, encouraged by correctional institutions because, like other religious activities, it offered a positive outlet for the convicts. Upon release, the Muslim converts have the option to reside at any one of the 22 intentional communities distributed across the nation. Those communities were established by a known terrorist leader and offers instruction in tactics and improvised explosives. More info along with feature film documentary on this topic:

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