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Yes, Twin Falls Child WAS Assaulted

Manipulating the media to gain his agenda is not the way to protect the citizens, or a 5 year old child.

Yes, Twin Falls Child Was Assaulted

By Shari Dovale

It took nearly 3 weeks for the authorities to address the citizens of Twin Falls, Idaho. They had allowed rumors of a child rape to escalate for this long before finally responding. And how did they respond? By addressing the rumors, but not the facts of the case.

They used willing accomplices, known left-wing reporters, to call the situation “False” plain and simple. The headlines included:

Story of Syrian refugees raping Idaho girl is wrong, prosecutor says

Prosecutor Says Anti-refugee Movement Spreading False Claims About Syrian Child Rape

Twin Falls prosecutor: Story about Syrian refugee child gang rape is just not true

False story on social media claims Syrian refugees raped Idaho girl

Within these blogs and articles, they called this a “Fake” story. Claiming that the single word “Syrian” is false, they changed the narrative to imply that the entire story of a child being assaulted was, also, false. Knowing that most people these days read more headlines than they do articles, they played a game with the citizens and this devastated family.

That poor little girl. Is this all she can hope for from the people elected to protect her? When you delve into the facts of the case, there was a sexual assault. That is not in dispute. But the prosecutor’s office is so invested in changing this narrative, that he comes off as having no compassion for this child.

A 5 year old girl was assaulted in Twin Falls, Idaho on June 2, 2016. That is true. 3 young men were involved in this assault, ages 7, 10 and 14. That is also true. What else do we know?

  • The assault was filmed.
  • There is an eyewitness.
  • The girl was urinated on.
  • The young girl called for help.
  • The alleged perpetrators were Muslim, probably of Iraqi or Sudanese descent.
  • Only 2 of the 3 boys involved were arrested.

Grant Loebs, Twin Falls County prosecutor, is the man they are quoting. Some of the quotes include, “This has been mis-reported and it’s blown up beyond recognition.” “There may also be people who are thinking to manipulate this for political agendas.” “There is a small group of people in Twin Falls County whose life goal is to eliminate refugees.“

Loebs seems to have his own political agenda, and he is not above using a child to attain it.

During the recent Primary election, his challenger, Mark Guerry, filed a tort claim against Loebs and the county claiming, in part, that Loebs manipulated and exploited the media to be biased.

In September, Loebs also made headlines in the Left-Wing news by publicly coming out against Opponents of a Twin Falls refugee center. Calling it “Federal Issues,” he seems to support the refugees more than the citizens of his jurisdiction.

And, to top it all off, Loebs just this month, at the Republican State Convention, lobbied against the rule “Integrity in Government.”

This began at the winter meeting held by the State Republicans. At that meeting, Loebs successfully argued against the rule to vet candidates, showing whether or not they were really conservative or they were Left-leaning candidates.

The issue was revisited at the recent convention held in Nampa. Loebs, again, took center stage to argue against holding candidates accountable to conservative principles with this valuable tool. An outspoken speaker, Loebs was successful in keeping out the offending rule that allowed voters to judge candidates for themselves.

Additionally, Loebs lobbied for not changing any rules at the convention. He likes the status quo. This is a common theme with left-wing establishment republicans.

Loebs, steadily rising as a Left-Wing activist, has an agenda that seems to go against the principles of the party that he represents, and therefore the voters that put their faith in him.

This includes his apparent championship of the Refugee Resettlement Program in Idaho.

Why is he so invested in the Refugee agenda in Twin Falls? Why is he so invested in the Left-Wing agenda? Manipulating the media to gain this agenda is not the way to protect the citizens, or a 5 year old child.


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2 Comments on Yes, Twin Falls Child WAS Assaulted

  1. How much money is he making off the influx of refugees into his jurisdiction? In one German city, the politicians were getting kickbacks from the group who was paid to find settlement areas for refugees. Why would we assume the same isn’t happening here.

  2. Grant Loebs is the elected Twin Falls County Prosecutor. This is the guy who is supposed to upholding the law, protecting the “citizens” in this County. Do you trust him to do that now? One of two things should happen: He should resign or when he refuses, the good citizens of Twin Falls County should remove him with the recall process. This diversion/dishonesty over the word “Syrian” is unacceptable! Quit being afraid to call it what it is “Islamic Refugee’s”!!

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