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Do the Democrats have a plan?

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Do the Democrats (& RINOS) have a plan with their “Terror Watch List” and Gun Control?


Don’t you just love the various Democratic Party (& RINO) proposals about banning guns for those on the so-called “Terror Watch List” (no-fly list and other government contraptions of a similar nature)? Besides flying in the face of precious due process protections our WWII second greatest generation defeated the Nazi Germans and the Imperial Japanese for (the first greatest generation being that of the Founding Fathers – the utter foundation of our “noble experiment” as I have heard it referred to by political science professors over the years), all the Democratic Party elitists have to do to poison the well is to borrow a page from Barack Obama’s IRS and empower DHS to put conservative citizens on their “Terror Watch List” solely because they are conservatives. Do I think this could conceivably happen? Probably not. But I never thought the IRS would shock the American conscience and go off the rails either with their very own “Terror Watch List” of sorts, terrorizing conservatives. I heard this very real possibility of DHS placing conservatives on the “Terror Watch List” solely because of their conservatism discussed on a FOX News TV discussion panel several days ago of reputable journalists to include Stephen Hayes as I recall.

Bear in mind that police officers in the USA are generally very conservative in my experience.

Now Barack Obama only has about a half year left in his term of office, so that further inhibits a worst case scenario. But If Hillary Clinton wins the presidential election in November, all bets are off. If anyone were to let DHS go rogue and place large numbers of conservative citizens on the “Terror Watch List” no longer able to have firearms, solely because of their freely expressed conservatism, it would be Hillary Clinton in my opinion. Would this include generally very conservative police officers? Almost definitely not would be my first inclination. But if she did go off the rails even more and include police officers, then conceivably she and her Democratic henchmen and henchwomen could dominate a substantially disarmed police force USA and civilian population by military force of arms. But would the military go rogue? Almost definitely not is again my first inclination. Can’t happen here say you? You’re probably right. But reiterating: Did you ever think there would be an IRS with the power to arbitrarily place endless conservative enterprises and individuals, i.e., Donald J. Trump, on their personal “Terror Watch List” of sorts? Solely because of their conservatism or because they may have angered Barack Obama or his henchmen or henchwomen in some way. (Donald J. Trump has been audited endlessly if I am not mistaken. Could it have anything to do with the so-called “birther” controversy? You be the judge.) This is what happens when ideologues like left wing Democratic Party Democratic-Socialist and vehemently anti-gun and anti-Second Amendment Barack Obama are elected to presidential office.

Now there are admittedly a very few totalitarian minded big city police chiefs, really pansy administrators in the tank for left wing Democratic Party administrations, who violate their oath to the U.S. Constitution by calling for the abandonment of due process with the so-called “Terror Watch List.” These so-called “chiefs” have effectively prostituted themselves for unconstitutional gun control and the abandonment of due process considerations. But I would strongly opine that the predominantly conservative rank ‘n’ file police officers USA know them for the authoritarian un-American charlatans that they truly are. (And I am in a unique position to know.)

That brings up another point. Some famous contemporary military generals (four I know of off-hand) have come out for gun control to include the so-called “Terror Watch List.” I remember being lectured growing up that the    “two greatest things to fear in government are generals and police chiefs who call for gun control, something they should never involve themselves in by virtue of their unique positions, that nothing-else is more scary and ominous to a free society!” I was taught to beware of generals or military heroes regardless of rank, enlisted to General or Admiral, bearing ill tidings in the form of gun control. I was further reminded that Adolph Hitler was a decorated WWI combat hero and active Commander In Chief of the Nazi German military high command in WWII (thankfully a rather incompetent “General” as military commanders go). Now folks Hitler was a despicable human being, a mass murdering monster who engineered the killing of millions of Jewish folks and millions of my Slavic ancestors in Eastern Europe for starters, but a monster who introduced a sweeping gun control act in Nazi Germany. That same gun control act was later used by the Democratic Party here in the United States as the foundation for their oppressive 1968 Gun Control Act. This was later reinforced as factual by conservative history and political science professors who rejected political correctness, nowadays such conservative professors being nearly an extinct life form unfortunately.

Yes I sometimes wonder about the motives of gun control espousing generals, and what they would and would not do in furtherance of gun control. And I am not alone. As well as the motives of some police chiefs I know of, really wannabe tyrants in my opinion. Would they order the mass door to door confiscation of privately owned firearms? You tell me. I would like to think a resounding “no”!

The particular generals and police chiefs I am referring to, as well as the Democratic Party, seem to have never studied Founder Thomas Jefferson’s admonition that “no free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms”; or Founder George Mason’s admonition that “to disarm the people is the best and most effective way to enslave them”; or Founder Zachariah Johnston’s admonition that “the people are not to be disarmed of their weapons”; or Founder Henry St. George Tucker’s admonition that “the right of bearing arms – which with us [the Founders] is not limited and restrained by an arbitrary system of game laws as in England; but, is particularly enjoyed by every citizen, and is among his most valuable privileges, since it furnishes the means of resisting as a freeman ought; the inroads of usurpation” (Les Adams, Second Amendment Primer, Odysseus Editions, 1996: p. 97-103). And on and on we could go until the cows come home, but you likely get the point, unless you are an uninformed Democrat who rejects the lessons of history.

Democrats & RINOS, so-called “constitutional law professors” who become presidents, and even Democratic and RINO judges have a difficult time understanding what the Great Founding Fathers tell us in plain language any idiot can understand about the Second Amendment; how convenient and disingenuous! I really don’t buy that they are that wholly stupid. It is deliberate subterfuge. So they pencil whip creative decisions that express what they would like the Second Amendment to say to meet their personal wishes and the Constitution be damned! I think every thinking American citizen has long ago come to that realization, an open secret if you will. A particularly sad commentary about a dishonest judiciary in particular that citizens are thoroughly disgusted with. I hear it from my peers over and over as well as my civilian friends. Most people say in scathing disapproval: well after all, judges are lawyers! <GRIN>

I would ask the four generals and the few authoritarian big city police chiefs: Are citizens on the “Terror Watch List,” like FOX News journalist and loyal American citizen Stephen F. Hayes, not “free men”? (There was “no” Constitutionally guaranteed due process for Hayes before putting him on the DHS “Terror Watch List”. It makes you wonder who he angered at DHS? Yes, I can see a far-far left administrator at DHS putting someone he or she does not like on the list, like a conservative, well like Stephen F. Hayes, a respected conservative journalist and stellar American citizen. No thanks, this is ludicrous “totalitarian” nonsense; we do not need a so-called “Terror Watch List” with the names of its “members” barred firearms unless they are convicted felons who have not had their rights restored.

I am surprised at the generals in particular. They go to esteemed military academies where the Bill of Rights (generally the first ten + the fourteenth amendment) I thought were well taught? But then again, some folks just have a totalitarian mindset. Mostly Democrats (& RINOS) here in the United States in my experience.

Make no mistake; the Democratic Party agenda for the so-called “Terror Watch List” would effectively do away with the due process Constitutional provisions that every American WWII GI fought for, many giving up their precious lives in the process.

Why folks ISIS and Al Qaeda would absolutely love that peculiar Democratic Party inspired “Terror Watch List” agenda! Why they might even nominate Barack Obama and the entire Democrat Party their “Men & Women of the Year” for helping to bring it about! And making their job of terrorizing the USA so much easier!

Yes I know; some so-called Republicans are on board with the Democrats. But they are really RINOS a.k.a. “Democrats in disguise.” We have what I opine to be a RINO State Senator here in pristine North Idaho who is the epitome of a tax and spend liberal Democrat, and she voted against campus carry a couple of years ago. RINOS are everywhere unfortunately.

Have you ever wondered if some of the Democrats (and RINOS) have a plan? Reminding you that should the Democrats at DHS go rogue – “bat crazy” that is, and place conservatives on the “Terror Watch List” many policemen could theoretically no longer carry guns under Democratic proposals. Once again, almost definitely this is not going to happen is my first inclination. But to play Devil’s Advocate, what if?  Perhaps some Democrats want U.S. law enforcement to be largely disarmed as in Great Britain? I have read it from the lips of left wing Democrats often enough in the various blogs. Far left Democratic social science college professors have said as much in my presence on several occasions. But just one ominous by product is that the “Black Lives Matters” cop hating thugs and their supporters could arm up with easily obtainable true military assault rifles from the Mexican drug-cartels (that being fully-automatic capable military firearms and not the neutered semi-auto civilian versions uninformed Democrats mistakenly refer to as “assault rifles,” deliberately so in many cases to deceive the public). I think we can all guess what follows; the death of precious police officers!  Good Lord my fellow citizens, let us never let that happen! Our police community is the lifeblood of separating order from chaos in the United States. They are precious American heroes who live ONLY to Protect & Serve; we must assure their well-being whether we are liberal, moderate, or conservative in our economic – social – political outlook. We must provide them with the necessary weaponry to include firearms to enable them to perform their duties (this is not “whacked-out” Great Britain). And with potential wholesale disarming of conservatives merely for being conservatives under a Hillary Clinton presidency, how many disarmed and therefore unarmed American citizens would perish at the hands of ISIS and Al Qaeda terrorists, home grown or otherwise? Do you all trust Hillary Clinton? (According to the polls, that’s sort of like asking if you would turn your back on a poisonous snake I must in all sincerity opine.)

My father, a WWII combat veteran and a lifelong labor or “Blue Dog” Democrat would not believe what has happened to his beloved Democratic Party, also the party of my younger years. He often warned of the likes of Gus Hall and their attempts to infiltrate the Democratic Party. Were he alive today he would see that they have apparently succeeded in more or less taking over the Democratic Party.

Electing Donald J. Trump in the fall will assure that the USA remains ever free and prospers again on the world stage as well as internally. And you will see our resident seemingly ISIS and Al Qaeda excusing Democrats scurrying like rats northbound toward Canada – southbound toward Mexico and only the Good Lord knows where-else, by their own recent statements to that effect. We can ONLY hope! <GRIN>

I smile uproariously when I see the squirrely Democratic Party presence at public events and the like; they’re so predictable in their everyday persona. But then again you have to feel sorry for them; I would have to opine based on experience that many of them suffer from ever increasing mental degradation brought on by regular use of whacko-tobacco and methamphetamines and the like over the years of their Democratic existence. (Oooh, I just love to kid the Democrats!) <GRIN>

In my opinion, Democrats, RINOS, whoever in our country who do not cherish the Second Amendment in its unfettered original form need to think about leaving the USA; go back to Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, wherever they or their parents came from. They are always trashing what they call the “conservative gun culture” in the USA. But in my opinion, they do not deserve to remain in a free country. (That goes for Second Amendment trashing generals and police chiefs too.) If need be, we need to chip in financially to speed the process of sending Second Amendment bashing citizens of any description back to wherever they or their forebears came from, and speed up the process of making our country great again.

To legitimate gun owners I say do not despair. Do not hide your gun owning proclivity from anyone. Be proud that you are a gun owner, and one I hope that is well-trained in the safe and responsible use of firearms. Continue to seek updated training in the use of your firearms; nothing is scarier than an individual who is ill – trained or ill – disposed with a firearm. And carry your concealed handgun when and where legal (ideally it should be legal virtually everywhere with few exceptions). I know gun owners very well, have trained countless numbers of them over the years, and I have known them to be generally a peaceable lot, who like me, positively abhor violence. But at same time understand that at times in defense of self, family, friends, and neighbors, fellow good citizens or country, or in the performance of a law enforcement officer’s duties, it is necessary to employ a firearm. And never was that old cliché that goes something like “better to have a gun and not need it, then to need one and not have it,” more valid than today with the ever increasing threat by virtue of ever increasing ISIS and Al Qaeda inspired terrorism and Democratic Party determination to abolish the Second Amendment and leave you defenseless sheep at the mercy of the wolves. Reiterating: Do not apologize for being a safe and responsible gun owner; be proud! And particularly bear in mind that the Great Founding Fathers were among our esteemed company.

I will pass on some good advice from the NRA; contact your elected Congressional representatives and tell them to vote “no” on banning guns and / or violating due process for those on the so-called “Terror Watch List”. (Obscenely mischaracterized as a “Terror Watch List” in my interpretation, an insidious violation of constitutionally guaranteed due process.) And believe me folks, without genuine due process we are nothing but a populace of sheep on the slippery slope to domination by the wolves.

Do the Democrats (& RINOS) have a plan with their “Terror Watch List” and Gun Control?

Yes they do. As Donald J. Trump would likely tell you, Hillary Clinton and her supporters, both Democrat & RINO, ultimately plan to abolish the Second Amendment. That is their ultimate plan. And Donald J. Trump is 100% correct. And he will defeat any such shenanigans if we elect him president.

Closing: I urge you to take a college class in American Government, as well as a broad range of other political science and history classes. Upon successful completion you will understand more fully the Second Amendment if you have a willingness to learn (and you are not besmirched with your typical anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment professor). Locally, I can recommend a splendid PhD political science professor who gives a fair shake to everyone, liberal – moderate – conservative. A brilliant professor! Email me if serious and well-intentioned (


Ron Adamik, just a simple Patriot in my senior years and nothing more….