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Marble God and Country Celebration 2016

The God and Country celebration redirects me and gives me hope.


Marble God and Country Celebration 2016

by Aubrie Bosworth

I had the honor to once again attend the God and Country celebration, in Marble Country. June 24-26 2016 was filled with laughs, music, God, friends, and fellow freedom loving Americans.

Marble Country is the home to an amazing volunteer group of committed Christians who are brought together by their love for God and the love for the America we once were.  They put on events like “God and Country” to bring patriotic, God loving Americans together to celebrate the inheritance of liberty which is passed down through the generations. God and Country for me is a kind of regeneration, it’s my reboot. Going and spending time with this group of freedom loving, God fearing patriots is what sets me on the track for the rest of the year.

Sadly, growing up with Christian values, and passion for freedom and liberty, tends to set me apart form others my age. You mention the Constitution or The Bill of Rights to the average 15 year old and they are going to give you a blank look and ask “whats that” or simply just nod their heads and pretend that they know what you are talking about. This situation happens to me over and over again as the year goes by. So, as you could guess, the lack of information that, not only my generation has but most of the generation before us lack as well, can start to strip away any hope for America that I manage to cling to.

There is a group of young patriots that live in Marble Country that are S.O.L.I.D (Sons of Liberty Intern Detail). This particular group of patriots are a big reason why the God and Country celebration is so important to me. They remind me that I am not the only teenager out there that has a passion for God and country. We share many laughs, stories, prayers, and worries about our future. They inspire me and challenge me to be closer to my faith and to continue in our fight for our liberties.

Performance by Marble Kids

This year John Jacob Schmidt went through the importance and being prepared and having ways to securely communicate. He also did a workshop with kids 10-18 on navigation, proper radio lingo, and how to disassemble and reassemble AR 15s. Matt Shea, as always, encouraged the younger generation to listen and learn. Mr. Shea challenged us youth to read our bible and pray daily, to have a closer relationship with God.

This year we also had Idaho state representative Heather Scott District 1, Nevada Assemblywoman Shelly Shelton District 10 and her husband Tony Shelton, and Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore District 4. It was such on honor to spend time with these amazing, strong, and brave leaders who I see as mentors. Their wisdom and guidance makes the God and Country celebration that much more important to me.

The whole weekend is full of inspiration, and hope. The people there remind me that as long as one person lives with love for God and Country in their hearts the America we once were will always live on.

That is way the God and Country celebration is so important to me.

It redirects me and gives me hope.


~Aubrie Bosworth LFA III%