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The Hits Just Keep On Coming At Joe Robertson

Patriots, we need a call out to anyone that can help this man get a fair appeal.

Joe Robertson
Joe Robertson

The Hits Just Keep On Coming At Joe Robertson

By Shari Dovale

Joe Robertson continues to battle for his life.

After facing down the Federal Government during two trials, Robertson was found guilty of placing a stock pond on his property. Guilty, after getting permits that weren’t even required and only disturbing 1/10 of an acre. He is now facing up to 15 years in Federal prison. For this 77-year-old disabled vet, this amounts to a life sentence.

This guilty verdict might not have happened if his Public Defender, Mike Donahoe, hadn’t refused to present evidence that could have exonerated Robertson.

Joe But, there is more to this story. Donahoe, before agreeing to represent Joe, made him go through a rigorous financial screening to determine whether or not he qualified for help. Part of this qualification process included discussion of the roughly 200 acres of land that Robertson owns, and the timber on it.

Robertson, under full disclosure, explained that part of the land was being logged and that money was earmarked for a totally separate battle with the county over his land. Yes, they are pulling out all the stops to get Joe off of his property.

That was all good… at the time. Joe

However, when the first jury did not convict Robertson and it was scheduled for a retrial, Judge Molloy demanded payment from Robertson, saying he had timber to sell. Molloy has issued a court order to Robertson to pay Donahoe $12,000, plus $300.00 per month for legal services.

Additionally, Robertson went to Donahoe’s office to request a CD Transcript of the court proceedings. Donahoe said it would cost him $4,000.00 to get it from him.

The Court won’t be satisfied until this little broke DAV sells all of his land.


Wasn’t this the intention of the Federal Government? To get Joe off the land? Wow, do you think that Donahoe is in cahoots with the Feds? I am not sure, but it sure seems to walk like a duck and talk like a duck.

Joe has asked Donahoe to allow Kagel Environmental, LLC to speak at sentencing. Donahoe has refused.

Joe is being forced to go without an attorney, and represent himself at his sentencing. He cannot afford to pay the court. He cannot afford to pay the Federal Defender.

No other attorney is willing to help him without thousands of dollars up front. Is this man really on his own?

Patriots, we need a call out to anyone that can help this man get a fair appeal. Contact all the legal-beagles you know, and let’s find him some help!


joe sasha
Joe Robertson and Sasha, his service dog.

6 Comments on The Hits Just Keep On Coming At Joe Robertson

  1. Why are the Feds harassing so many people in Montana and other Normal Everyday Americans out west? Don’t they have more important things to do? I know why….they are afraid of us. Why else would they be sticking their highly armed and powerful noses into our business. This is even bigger than “Big Brother”. And it has already happened….What to do…What to do???

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