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GOP Establishment Cronies Reveal Themselves

'We The People' are better informed than ever, and the career politicians are not as free to vote away the rights of the citizens.

GOP Establishment Cronies Reveal Themselves

By Shari Dovale

Scott Bedke, 16 year Career Politician

“Business As Usual” is no more. Crony Capitalism is on its way out, and ‘We The People’ have had enough. The winds of change blowing are across the nation with a new Liberty generation that is actually working for the citizens.

This change has been apparent in Idaho this week, as the establishment Republican politicians revealed themselves in their continued attacks on the citizen’s choices. They are desperate to disparage the candidates that do not conform to their establishment agenda to hide the truth from the citizens..

As the career politicians get scared of losing their control, they turn to their leftist news-cronies to attack, marginalize, and demonize the candidates that do not yield.

Bart Davis, 18 year Career Politician

Senate Pro Tem Brent Hill, House Speaker Scott Bedke, Senate Majority Leader Bart Davis, and House Majority Leader Mike Moyle all spoke to a left-wing newspaper this week, attempting to ethically shame a sitting legislator for behavior that is perfectly legal in this state.

Their tactics show just how desperate they have become and just how low they will stoop. They question the ethics of liberty candidates, while minimizing their own ethical considerations.

For example, how ethical is it for an elected state official to actively campaign against a sitting legislator of the same party? It may not be technically ‘illegal’ but it is certainly highly questionable. However, since the establishment is working so diligently for their own interests, they must attempt every dirty trick in the book to get their cronies elected.

What about the way they “redistribute campaign contributions” of their own to funnel into candidates that will “do as they say”. All campaign contributions for Idaho can be viewed here: Sunshine Reports. This link will also show you who they are accepting money from.

Additionally, I would like to ask Speaker Bedke, if he believes “sneakiness” is destructive and dishonest, then why does he sit on a “Secret Gun Committee” that is well known for controlling what legislation will be allowed.

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm, as the case may be) that I will support the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of the State of Idaho, and that I will faithfully discharge the duties of(insert office) according to the best of my ability.”

Brent Hill, 16 year Career Politician

Take a look at the voting records of these establishment officials. Do they conform with their ‘Oath of Office’? Have they voted for any bill that directly violates either the US Constitution or the State Constitution?

‘Liberty Rising’ candidates work closely with the citizens to educate the public of their rights under the US Constitution and the State Constitutions.

Herein lies the problem. In the past, the voting public expected their elected officials to look out for them. Now, they are actually looking at the records and holding these career politicians accountable. This is in no small part due to the Liberty candidates enlightening the public of their rights under the constitution.

Mike Moyle, 18 year Career Politician

‘We The People’ are better informed than ever, and the career politicians, along with their lobbyist buddies, are not as free to vote away the rights of the citizens, as in times past. This frustrates the establishment and throws a monkey wrench into their lifestyles.

Prepare for more hit pieces on the citizen candidates. Prepare for the attacks by the left and the Republican establishment right. They will do anything to maintain the status quo.

They are desperate because they are seeing their darkness at the end of the tunnel.

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  1. Two Words: TERM LIMITS The longer they stay the more tricks they know how to pull. Their power and influence grows until they serve only themselves and the shadow mob they work for. The Speaker is voted in by the House members because no one dare run against him. Freedom lovers should be contacting your own legislator about this crap.

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