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COWS Investigates Twin Falls Child Rape

This innocent young victim can either be the first or the last. It is up to Americans to take a stand.


COWS Investigates Twin Falls Child Rape


Upon arrival it looked like any apartment complex in America. A few children, unaware of the ungodly acts that occurred nearby, play on skateboards and bicycles in the courtyards. Young couples in older cars unload groceries. A few older tenants sit quietly on decorated patios while the occasional tenant passes through the property walking a dog.

It looks like home. Home is supposed to be a place of peace and tranquility.

But there is no peace in Twin Falls Idaho. The peace of our nation has been given over to a new way of life.

CHILD RAPEIn June of this year a horrific crime occurred. Or did it? It is hard to know for sure in a country where the government directs the media and controls free speech of its citizens.

The members of the Coalition of Western States, (COWS) wanted to know the truth. The Coalition of Western States is a group of concerned legislators, local government representatives, sheriffs, attorneys, and concerned citizens dedicated to the restoration of the Sovereignty of the states through education and legislation and standing united against lawless and unconstitutional government actions.

While traveling through Idaho on our way back to Nevada, I, along with Assemblywomen Michele Fiore and Shelly Shelton, received a call from Idaho Representative Heather Scott. We were briefed on a child rape that occurred in Twin Falls and were asked to personally get to the truth from the witnesses themselves. The mother, born and raised in Las Vegas, NV would be likely to share her story with two Las Vegas elected officials.

The liberal media had ceased investigative reporting on this rape, because it didn’t fit their agenda. There was a time in this country when justice demanded a strong press that was willing to do whatever it took to find the truth. Those days are gone. The Federal Government, through Idaho US Attorney Wendy J. Olson, appointed by President Obama in 2010, had made threats to any American who would dare to comment publicly on this rape. It may be time to remove the word Justice from the Justice Department.

The parents of the victim were running out of advocates. This illegal and immoral act has taken second place to a political agenda, an agenda that would have us believe a political, civil and military movement is a “religion” and should have more rights than this little girl and her family.

After a pledge of allegiance and the acknowledgment of some local Boy Scouts the Mayor of Twin Falls opened a city council meeting with a rambling speech asking Twin Falls residents to consider the “victim” while simultaneously insinuating that this immoral crime may have not occurred at all or has been blown out of proportion.

In a shameful push towards “acceptance” of certain groups into the community the Mayor, who has never interviewed the victim, or her parents, chose a side, and it is not the side of this young American victim. It starts at 2:09 here:

COWS wanted to let the victims know that there are still Americans who are not swayed by political correctness and are willing to stand with them regardless of the threats.

We arrived at the complex and met with local citizens who had followed this rape from the beginning. After a briefing, from Julie Ruf, a tireless local advocate for the family, the COWS team and the local advocates knocked on the door of the parents expecting to speak in private with them.

CHILD RAPEThe door opened and a concerned mother and father greeted the team. The neat apartment showed a story of contrasts. Walls lined with bible verses and decorations celebrating family life, were partially covered by boxes.

The boxes were apparently for the purpose of moving away from this nightmare they used to call home when the funds are available.

Blasting past the parents two children rushed to the door to greet Michele and Shelly, hugging them and smiling.

Shelly Shelton later revealed her thought upon entering: “This can’t be the girl who was raped, she is so small, so innocent, and so….typically American.” But it was her.

Michele Fiore embraced the tiny victim.

This innocent child has now become the representative of the culture of abuse we have invited into our nation.

Assemblywoman Michele Fiore with the victim.

It was all Shelly could do to hold in her emotion as this young child, in a cute blonde ponytail, likely no more than 35 lbs embraced her legs and said hello. Her brother, likewise was just as exited to have visitors in the home.

This family had suffered challenges before. The young girl was only two pounds when she was born premature. Her brother suffers from autism. This is a family that is acquainted with challenges, but should have never been subjected to a predatory violation like the rape of their youngest child.

While the children played in the floor of the small apartment, and showed off their pet ferrets, their parents began to share the details of the rape and subsequent violation of Idaho State laws designed to protect victims of crime.

Earlier in the day the family had requested a copy of the 911 calls made by the mother after the rape. Instead of help, which would be expected in this case, AND is required by Idaho State law, they were stonewalled by a Detective for the city of Twin Falls they know only as “JR”. Rather than simply provide the information, which would show that Law Enforcement was delayed between an hour and three hours after the call was made, the department refused to release the information and instead they were reportedly asked “Why do you want it? Are you filing a lawsuit?”

CHILD RAPEAs of this meeting the family hadn’t even met with an attorney. They are simply victims, looking for justice as required by the law. They thought the Prosecutor was supposed to be their attorney. The mere suggestion of such a motivation by a Twin Falls detective is troubling to the COWS team.

Prior to his vile, illegal and immoral act the primarily American families in the apartment complex had trusted their new neighbors.

As “refugees” poured in and flooded their community in detention type vans, they innocently accepted their new neighbors as welcome members of American society. They expected these new neighbors to embrace American, not bring the laws and practices they supposedly escaped with them.

The innocent children of the neighborhood knew nothing of race, religion, creed, or political ideologies. They played together as friends carrying no preconceived bias. These innocent American children were unaware of corrupt government officials who had conspired to spread the seed of hate within their little apartment complex.

They played alongside children who could have very well been holding an AK47 pointed at American soldiers just months before. They were unaware of a culture and a so-called “religion” that teaches homosexuality is worthy of the death penalty, but having a young boy as a sex slave in the home is a righteous and legally protected act.

These children just wanted to play as most children do. In this country “play” does not usually include attempted vaginal penetration or urination in the mouth. But our country is changing, or so we are told. We are supposed to embrace this change according to our leadership.

As the interview with the parents continued we were told how the father felt as he watched the video from a partially crushed cell phone showing the violation of his developmentally disabled daughter….How he punched the wall in anger after seeing a neighborhood boy strip his beloved 5 year old. After a while he could not go on any longer and wanted to “unsee” what he had already seen.

The video is now in the hands of the Twin Falls police department.

All of this happened in a laundry room, the carbon copy of which can be found all over America and may be in your apartment complex. Make no mistake, these boys knew what they were doing was wrong. Ten feet outside the door they could have completed this heinous act in the courtyard, but they chose to violate this young girl behind the closed doors of the laundry room.

child rapeThe Coalition of Western states is today making an official demand to see the video.

Justice will not be swept under the rug in this case. The victim will not be silenced. In the case of LaVoy Finicum the entire nation witnessed the death of a man on a snowfield alongside a highway. The Coalition of Western States will not stand by idly while the evidence of this crime is hidden from the public, and victims are denied their constitutional rights under the Idaho State Constitution Article 1 Section 22

We can no longer count on the mainstream media to do their job and investigate crimes of public safety. They take their marching orders from the same corrupt administration that disregards the highest law of the land and has illegally dumped thousands on our shores without even so much as checking into their backgrounds in their broken homelands.

While our elected leaders and their hand picked justices attempt to force a false narrative on Americans, we real Americans will not be bullied or forced into submission. We will not stand by as a political ideology is falsely presented and protected as a “religion”. We will not stand by and watch Christians being slaughtered in Muslim countries while “refugees” who include less than 2% of the persecuted Christians flood our streets, neighborhoods, and apartment complexes.

We have left the persecuted across the sea and brought the persecutors here, to our cities, towns and neighborhoods. If this isn’t stopped now we will soon need sanctuary cities for American citizens where they can escape the influx of this immoral, illegal, terrorist movement and can once again live in peace.

During the interview with the parents Michele Fiore asked for the phone number for “JR”, the detective assigned to the case. She called in the presence of all, and as a representative for the parents, and asked for the complaint number for the case, a copy of the complaint, and inquired about the 911 calls. She was told the case was sealed by the judge and no information would be available till the case was concluded.

She asked him a simple question…..How long had he been a detective. After a long unresponsive answer, the detective informed her he was off duty, was working out at the gym, and could be contacted the next day. Michele hung up in disgust. Detectives working a case are supposed to be advocates for the family. They are supposed to serve a dual role of fact finder, and comforter for victims. In this case the COWS team appeared to have encountered just another bureaucrat.

Meanwhile the victim’s brother still attends school with one of the young rapists. While two of the perpetrators have moved out, one of them still roams the complex. One of them has reportedly cut the arm of another child in the complex with a knife at one point and been accused of throwing rocks at cars.

There is no family structure for this supposed 7 year old rapist (no one knows his actual age). There are other men in the home who appear to be college age. The witness to the crime reported that the 7 year old had discussed the desire to become married in their conversations. The boy speaks of being the female in a marriage and takes on female attributes while speaking on this matter.

This is indicative of the sexual abuse of young boys that is allowed by Muslim law, but not by American law.

The rape of this 5 year old precious girl does not stop with the children involved. These perpetrators have learned this behavior from somewhere. The source of this crime comes from a culture that allows grown men to rape young boys. Children live what they learn.

There are unidentified “refugee” men in the home of the youngest rapist, but there is also a female who lives there. We do not even know who these men are or even their ages. They may be completely unvetted by the government we trusted to keep us safe.

The female in the home, has been reported, terrorizing the parents of the victim and the sole witness to the crime by continually pacing the courtyards within feet of their patios stopping and staring into their windows. The police have been called at least 6 times by the witness because of her harassment. This has been particularly horrifying for this elderly witness. The complex hired security for a couple of weeks after the rape, but has since discontinued the patrol. The concerned citizens who met with us have been using their own resources to provide patrols to help this woman.

This picture was taken from the window of the witness as the youngest perpetrator and the woman of the household paced back and forth in front of here apartment occasionally peering into the windows.

She has lived in the complex for four years. As an 89 year old retired nurse, she has seen her share of bodily fluids. She stated that nothing prepared her for the horrifying scene she witnessed in early June.

Sitting on her patio she saw a young man in his teens moving back and forth near the nearby laundry room with a camera phone in his hands. She approached and asked what he was taking pictures of. Her first thought was, maybe he was taking pictures of the washer and dryer because he came from a country where such a thing didn’t exist.

After a back and forth brief conversation with the young man she opened the door to the laundry room to find two young boys, approximately 7 and 10 years old stripped completely naked, urinating on the nude five year old victim. She demanded they put on their clothes immediately and told them to turn around and face the other way while she helped the little girl put her clothes on. She required them to stay in place and had the mother call the police.

The witness reported that the young boys were laughing as if this wasn’t a big deal until an officer informed them that they might be going to jail.

This crime has victimized an entire community. The witness had to have management install a new peephole in her door that was low enough for her to see who is knocking at her door. Something she never had to do in the four years prior.

CHILD RAPEThe 14 year old left the scene, but later returned with the phone he had smashed. Strangely he gave it to the little girl’s father, almost as a gesture of pride in what they had done. It was through this phone the father was able to witness his daughter being forced into a corner, stripped and violated.

What is not in dispute is the fact that the 14 year old was directing some of the acts. At least one of the boys, the one who is supposedly 10 years old, unsuccessfully attempted vaginal rape. At least one of the boys forced oral rape on the little girl. The boys are all “refugees” that arrived at the complex within the past two years. These are facts that the police have not refuted.

The COWS team fails to see the relevance of which nation these children came from.

They are all from Muslim households, and they were all brought here by our American Government. This is not a race issue. Islam is not a race. It is a political and civil supremacist ideology with a guerilla warfare component. When we bring young children here from other countries, plant them within American neighborhoods, allow them to enter our schools and roam our streets without vetting them, WE have opened our doors to the same terror we are witnessing in Europe.

America’s shores are not open to an invading culture of rape.

There are many disturbing decisions being made in this case:

The fourteen year old who was directing and filming the acts reportedly went to juvenile hall temporarily, but is now reportedly released. Youth across our nation are held for longer periods for theft or drug possession in many cases.

Rudimentary protections for this little girl were initially refused by the local government. They asked for a restraining order and were first told the rapist lives too close and were denied. Eventually they obtained an order, but the question remains, why were they denied in the first place?

The Twin Falls police further victimized this family by telling them the child was too young to be believed when she told the medical team that the boys had used a knife to frighten her into submission. They determined that the red line on her neck must have just been from a scratch.

Even though the witness and the victim stated there was a fourth attacker, there has been no attempt to determine who that attacker was. Now the young man on the skateboard in the courtyard could very well be a rapist, but we will never know. They refused to investigate the fourth attacker.

Legally required information has been withheld from them. At least one of the rapists is walking freely around the complex and older residents have been coming to the witness and saying after two years of these “refugees” moving in, they are going to move out.

The founders of our country were very open to the idea of accepting of any man or woman regardless of their religious beliefs. When those beliefs include the acceptance or promotion of rape or murder, it is no longer a religious rights issue, but becomes an organized criminal enterprise. It is an enterprise that must be stopped at our borders and eliminated from within.

This innocent young victim can either be the first or the last. It is up to Americans to take a stand.

Stand fast, don’t lose hope.

The Americans are coming.

Tony Shelton
Coalition of Western States Research and Policy Director

44 Comments on COWS Investigates Twin Falls Child Rape

  1. I honestly can’t believe a word of your comment. A little girl, a disabled little girl, was raped by 3 boys who should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law regardless of who they are or where they come from.
    I despise Hitler and I’m allowed to say that. I despise everything he did and stood for. I’ve read Mein Kampf and I’ve read the Quran and, honestly, Mein Kampf might actually be more palpable than the Quran. It’s no wonder, after reading it, I see the behavior that I do in headlines across the world. If YOU actually read it, assuming you are capable of rational thought, you probably wouldn’t think seeing an article like this is biased at all, but merely a statement that is a true reflection of what is repeatedly expressed in the pages of the book and in the behavior of the people who take it to heart, not hateful rhetoric against people who take it’s words far more seriously than any sane person would.
    That government officials fail to take action concerning crimes against the very people they have sworn to protect and serve or that the media either fail or refuse to report facts that would help identify the perpetrators or alert the public to any sort of threat in their community are almost as bad as the criminals who commit such atrocious acts. People who then shame those who have the courage to sincerely address these issues by calling them biased or hateful only exacerbate the problem. Please, go somewhere else, preferably outside of the US.

  2. I rather enjoyed reading the entire article/letter/opinion. As refugees committing crimes, my thought and opinion is that being a guest in this country, whether you were welcomed by some or not, they should be sent back to their country of origin or sent to another country who will welcome criminals…..after they get out of jail for the crime they commit. As a father to a little girl, I imagine I would find it hard to not be vengeful.

    Obama did say America needed to be “fundamentally” changed. Well, look what he’s done so far. The damage he has done to our society will be tough to repair, and the failure of our elected Republican officials to stop even SOME of what Obama has done is shameful to America.

  3. It is sad that so many children molest other children. One third of all cases of child sexual abuse are perpetrated by other children. It is astonishing how often similar behavior occurs even in our schools and youth groups — and by “typically American” children. I know of similar incidents that occurred when I was a child that involved little white boys as perpetrators (in those days, the police and CPS/DHFS didn’t usually get involved). The author has tried to frame this as a Muslim-“American” (as though Muslims somehow cannot be American) issue. By “American”, he obviously means “white” as indicated by the focus on how “typically American” the little girl was with her blond ponytail (as though a non-White girl is somehow not American, which is a very UNAmerican thing to suggest). The police are very familiar with juvenile sexual offenses and have handled this in the normal manner. The “rapist” was seven years old. A seven-year-old is not going to be treated the same way as an adult offender. It’s unclear whether the boys are refugees, but they are migrants. As far as I can ascertain, the older two are from Africa (Sudan) and the younger one is from Iraq. The oldest boy is 14 and, according to the county prosecutor, did not touch the victim. He’s in a lot of trouble for filming what went on, but the only one who apparently touched the victim was the 7yo. Please cut the police some slack. They are handling this case exactly as they would handle it if the boys involved were white.

    • This isn’t about boys playing touchy-feely behind the barn. But nice try. This is about a culture that treats all women as property and non-Muslim women as less than human. It is also about grown men repeatedly abusing young boys and the failure to address that angle of this tragedy. Go back to your liberal authors and tell them to try again. Trying to make this look like anything less than a horrific rape caused by a culture of rape isn’t going to fly with people walking around with their eyes open.

    • You need to learn how to read and understand. 23% of abusers of children are under 18. That includes the 17 year old having consensual or coerced sex with his 15 year old girlfriend.
      You sure know how to read a lot into an article that is not there. American does not mean white. It means American, culture, morals, behavior, expectations, you name it. Muslims have a very different set of culture, morals, behavior, expectations etc.
      The Muslim community in Twin Falls is made up of refugees, not migrants.
      The 14 year old Sudanese directed the 10 year old and 7 year old as they assaulted the little girl. You don’t have to touch her to be a part of the assault.
      If the boys involved were white, there would be plenty of information flowing. But, the offenders are a politically protected class as Muslims and refugees. This is a town of Muslim and refugee apologists circling the wagons at the expense of an innocent little girl.
      The GoFundMe should include a fund to by one-way tickets for these boys and their families and ‘guardians’ to go back to their home countries so they do not put any other innocent children at risk. We know this is not a case where the offenders will be successfully rehabilitat4ed.

  4. The politicizing of this atrocity has already been accomplished by Wendy J Olson and all others attempting to divert attention away from this crime. Many of our previous muslim attacks upon Americans have been intentionally ignored or downplayed by those at the top. The difference is their politicizing angle is to the muslim’s advantage so they won’t be prosecuted as terrorists.
    So my ire is that of an American who is watching multiple terrorist attacks take place at home and abroad and the people in charge all try to cover for the criminal actions of the muslims.
    For instance, in France, when there were approximately 100 rapes by the muslims over Christmas/New Years, the French govt did nothing about it and even condemned their own victims and accused their own French women of “dressing too provocatively”. That same attitude has poured out of every EU country as these muslim attacks continue to take place daily around the world. They refuse to bring criminal charges against them and they condemn their own people instead, because they have a specific agenda that is aided by doing so.
    I see the same exact attitude happening from the top-down here on this case. This is no coincidence. This is a contrived action of “attempting to downplay, hide, or ignore muslim crimes”, and their actions have a very specific reason that is not in the best interest of our nation’s people.
    COWS is doing good and commendable work, and when anybody does such things, they should be encouraged in their actions. They are not the ones patting themselves on the back- fellow Americans who are sick of a broken system always having the upper hand are the people here who are giving them a pat on the back. Our poor staggering nation needs a LOT more of what they are doing!! I can’t praise them enough, and look forward to more of what they will be doing in the future to stand up for what is right. That takes courage and heart- God bless that for sure!

  5. The Coalition of Western states is today making an official demand to see the video.

    Will your group be sending this video to all its members?


  6. The go-fund me has been posted here and everywhere the Legislators posted information. the fund was stagnant till then and has now nearly doubled. These ‘overpoliticizing” legislators to which you refer have been on the phone with the parents nearly every night since their visit. They have sent dozens of potential homes to them for relocation, scoured craigslist, contacted landlords and sellers and even called on wealthy land investors met through politics to help them find a home that would otherwise be sold as a flip. So you can either sit on your rear and complain about those who try to help, or your can join in and help yourself. I’ll be looking for Idadho on the Gofundme page.

    • It would be great if the many families who have been subjected to similar threatening living situations could have access to such levels of support.
      It is admirable to try to help. It is shameful to politicize this poor family’s plight. Nobody comes to the aid of most families that are abused by protected classes of people with the powers that be either blocking the truth from coming out or turning a blind eye to the truth because of political correctness or cronyism.
      I’ve watched the GoFundMe as they have continued to increase the goal. I hope they get the funds needed to get the little girl the counseling help she needs without the profiteers trying to grab some. I’ve observed first hand how city hall, the police dept and prosecutor use their heavy hand to deny common decency to those in need because it does not fit the political agenda.

  7. Regarding the protection order. This family is a normal, average family. They know little about the legal system. As stated in the article they thought the Prosecutor was supposed to be their advocate in this situation.

    They thought the police were there to help. They asked the police for a protection order because that is what they thought they were supposed to do. The police told them they could not have one because the suspect lives to close. Why did they tell them this? I don’t know and they won’t say.

    After speaking with a local advocate they were told to demand a protection order. They did, and received it after the demand. There is no reason a victim should have to retain a lawyer for representation. That is why Idaho has victims rights laws.

    For anyone who has limited reading skills and didn’t comprehend the story, no reporter called the police to ask for information. The call was placed by the victim’s mother. When she got nowhere the Nevada elected official, who was there in person, upon request of an Idaho legislator, got on the phone and repeated the request. This is what real representatives do. There were no reporters involved. I am not a reporter. I conduct research and advise COWs members based on that research. In this case I documented the research based on both the facts and the emotions involved and wrote a story on it.

    Lastly, if you think the article was too long, I’d suggest you do a search for Twitter. It is is dumbed down version of news for the MTV generation who can’t concentrate for an entire paragraph.

    We are living in a world where a Constitution that only takes 35 minutes to read is too long to read, but thousands of pages of law are supposed to be understood and followed. When it isn’t, or when a victim’s family doesn’t understand pages and pages of procedure they are attacked as if they did something wrong.

    God help us. (That’s right, God, not the invented imposter, Allah)

    • Actually, at least one non-MSM reporter contacted police and was denied information. The MSM reporters may have contacted police but since this is a juvenile case, the information is not freely released. There is an Idaho statutory procedure for getting a public release of information and it allows for days and in some cases weeks before reports and such are released. Legislative credentials don’t change that.
      Idaho victims rights laws are almost worthless. Has anybody even read them ? They focus on the victim having access to contribute to the court process, not protecting a victim. Had the victim been a family member of the defendants, she would have had more protection available under the domestic violence laws. The criminal No Contact Order requires a court filing, not just a verbal request. The Prosecutor can ask for the No Contact order but is not required to. It is sometimes just a check box on the victims statement. The story is that the police erroneously said a NCO was not available because the defendant lived next door. Many cops do not understand these issues. When pushed, the NCO was obtained.
      The information that was withheld was due to a sealed juvenile case. The victim or her guardian has limited access to sealed records, but not third parties. But, those who were and are trying to make this a public case for political reasons are just stirring the pot. The valid issue was the cops error in saying a NCO could not be obtained. But, that error was corrected.
      A side issue is the political protection of the Muslim community from any negative scrutiny. That is driven by financially driven forces, Chobani and such and Obama, vis-a-vis US Attorney Wendy Olson. The pro-Musim forces in Twin Falls are quite powerful because of this. LaVoy has nothing to do with this case. The errors about Idaho law in this report are bewildering.
      If anybody wants to help, they should focus on helping this family relocate to a safer home, not stirring the political pot. The GoFundMe was a good response to this need. Where is a report about the GoFundMe campaign ? All I see is a Comments thread post.
      I just don’t like the over-politicizing of a case that involves a 5 year old little girl and her family. If the attackers were white, would she be getting any attention ? She needs careful support, not politics from either side.

      • No there may not be as much attention if the attackers we’re white, simply because it’d be 1 in a million – without the threat of it becoming an everyday occurance.

  8. Not really sure what Idadho’s point(s) are?? They’re short though- that’s for sure. Good for the rest of the people who can’t read more than their behind’s can handle. …Uh, …did I summarize that correctly?? ;()

    • I guess you know all about ****************************************?
      If you have followed the local story, you would have known that the locals tried to expose the whole story but got hijacked by the local powers and MSM because somebody made a mistake and said the perps were Syrians, rather than Sudanese and Iraqi.
      COWS has errors in their report, too. But, the powers than be and MSM must not feel threatened due to COWS limited following.
      It is often better to focus on the simple truth than get lost in innuendo and opinion, especially dramatized opinion. As I said, it does a disservice to the little girl. COWS must have double jointed shoulders from all the attempts to pat themselves on the back. What is the readership of COWS reports anyway ? At least they are a legend in their own minds. They found the Idaho rape statute but not the NCO statute.

      • Hey moderator/editor. Why are you not editing Larry Cook’s ignorant jack****** comment or Rene’s behind comment ? You edit mine if I make such references.

        • I did follow the story, and I know the monitoring is going on. I fight this stuff often. Kinda like the Sugar Pine mine incident, where most don’t know of how the BLM burns out many families, not just one. It is an ongoing land grab scam. How a woman was killed during the burns, yet that seems to have been hidden as well. The burns incident, where the big statement on how militia took over a wildlife refuge, when the truth was, the refuge was vacant and had been. This happens daily across this country. More people need to b e proactive. Some of us do what we can, we also have a life to live as well. Government has gotten so big, it will take an entire nation to get back our liberties, freedoms, and nation.

  9. From Obama right down to the thugs he has hired, they all need to be gone. Out of country, out of office, gone. If these refugees cannot live with the laws of this country, then they need to get out of this country. When our government allows intruders to overrule our way of life, they need to get out of office. Arm yourselves America, (with education, preparation, with firearms), take the time to research the goals of the Muslim religion. I should not have to tell you their goals. You need to learn for yourself. Stop listening to liberal media, stop being lazy, ignorant jack-*****. Protect your family, learn your enemy, they have studied us. I am not paranoid, I am experienced, I am aware, and I am prepared. Are You. The consequence is to great to ignore.

    • So, Larry. What are you doing about it besides ranting online and being insulting with your ‘jack-*****’ comment ?

  10. 1.) The article is NOT too long- those complaining need to realize their own reading level deficit/ADD. Ever read Moby Dick?? Learn to grow your attention span to that of an adult and quit whining.
    2.) “This is too Biased” is clearly a muslim commenter, who fails to see that the problem here is the fact that a little girl was raped. Who cares if somebody hates muslims or not?? What does that have to do with the fact that a little girl was raped?? The problem is the rape of a child-PERIOD. Muslim rights have ZERO to do with this event.
    3.) Anybody commenting here in any way other than to show endless compassion and support for that poor little girl and her family are part of the problem, and are also likely part of this illegal/immoral/cowardly conspiracy and should be heavily monitored, as they obviously have no qualms with breaking the law and participating in criminal behavior.
    4.) COWS did what the locals should have done within 24 hours of this event- REALLY NICE WORK you guys! 😉
    5.) Where are any of the stinking pro-bono attorneys that the people are in need of so badly in this era?? I SO wish I would have gone to school to be an attorney instead of all the other crap I studied! Had I become an attorney, I would simply devote all my time to free legal help for people like this family, and I would just be suing everybody and their DOG on this case, from Wendy J. Idiot all the way down to the detective!
    6.) I would be charging every single person involved- including the elected officials and Attorney with hate crimes against Christians as well as conspiracy to cover up evidence.

    All Christians send this article across the nation ASAP!! This is simply another terrorist attack by muslim perps against Christians, as is the same thing we are seeing all over the entire world in the muslim’s genocide against Christians. Americans need to put a stop to it- right here and now. The muslims do much worse to the elderly, women, and children all around the world on a daily basis. Pastors have seen the pictures of the attrocities they have committed upon the little children who won’t give up their Christian faith. The muslims behead them!
    So they probably think raping a little girl is nothing compared to what they’re used to seeing; hence the above comment focusing all the attention of the matter on whether somebody dislikes a muslim or not, which is nothing short of
    – ghastly- instead of the issue of a poor little girl being raped while it is being FILMED!!

    • Idaho Courts have a Court Assistance Office that help with applications for No Contact Orders. No attorney is needed.
      Rene’, you are extremely naive. Suing everybody and their dog does no good for anybody. It just causes those sued to circle their wagons.
      The key factor here is that the Muslim Chobani yogurt factory has control of the narrative. Nobody dares speak about Islam in a negative way. Add US Attorney Wendy Olson’s Obama edicts and you get a MSM cover-up. has written extensively about these issues.
      btw, My IQ is in the top 5% and I found it tedious to sort through all of the drama to find the facts. If an author wants to impact readers, he needs to write so readers will read. It’s like the old sermon axiom. The mind can absorb no more than the seat can endure.
      It appears you like long winded posts as you write the same way.

  11. Unfortunately, I am unable to believe one word of this story. The writer obviously hates Muslims, or foreigners, and cannot be trusted to give an unbiased opinion.
    If you actually did an interview, can you just print the transcript without all of the biased commentary sprinkled throughout?

    • The basic facts as presented are accurate based on other concurring reports. I agree that the thousands of words of opinionated commentary and drama get in the way of the tragic story this little girl experienced.

    • I honestly can’t believe a word of your comment. A little girl, a disabled little girl, was raped by 3 boys who should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law regardless of who they are or where they come from.
      I despise Hitler and I’m allowed to say that. I despise everything he did and stood for. I’ve read Mein Kampf and I’ve read the Quran and, honestly, Mein Kampf might actually be more palpable than the Quran. It’s no wonder, after reading it, I see the behavior that I do in headlines across the world. If YOU actually read it, assuming you are capable of rational thought, you probably wouldn’t think seeing an article like this is biased at all, but merely a statement that is a true reflection of what is repeatedly expressed in the pages of the book and in the behavior of the people who take it to heart, not hateful rhetoric against people who take it’s words far more seriously than any sane person would.
      That government officials fail to take action concerning crimes against the very people they have sworn to protect and serve or that the media either fail or refuse to report facts that would help identify the perpetrators or alert the public to any sort of threat in their community are almost as bad as the criminals who commit such atrocious acts. People who then shame those who have the courage to sincerely address these issues by calling them biased or hateful only exacerbate the problem. Please, go somewhere else, preferably outside of the US.

  12. “Rudimentary protections for this little girl were initially refused by the local government. They asked for a restraining order and were first told the rapist lives too close and were denied. Eventually they obtained an order, but the question remains, why were they denied in the first place? ”
    It is not a local government issue. NCO’s are issued by the courts. They are usually issued at arraignment before the defendant is released. The No Contact Order statute in Idaho is almost automatic. The Prosecutor should have demanded a NCO. A judge can easily set a distance. The standard distance is 300 yards. Judges can restrict people from living in their own houses because the ‘victim’ lives next door. Judge Swain in Ada County does this without even a second look.

    • My wife’s brother in law had to move out due to a restraining order against him. Her sister if REALLY afraid of him and I don’t know why she removed it last week.

      • And this is relevant to the discussion because ……..? Domestic violent, violence within the same household, has different rules regarding Protective Orders/ No Contact Orders.

  13. Not much to say about our stupidity of our government and police department but would like to stay in touch with COW YOU DO A Good job.thank you.

  14. This is more information than I’ve heard local. I’m saddened, annoyed, disappointed, infuriated, mad, and many other things that my emotions are going through over this. But, to hear that the victim and her family are NOT getting the support they have the right for from a local police department is just pathetic. What part of “protect” in your job description do you NOT understand?
    And as for the news media, were are you?

  15. I have a hard time determining if this is an op-ed or event reporting. 3050 words to tell us what could be told adequately in less than 1000 words. It makes it very hard to find the facts of the event. Give us the facts and we can make up our minds. If you want to write an op-ed, make it separate. It is tragic that these tragic events are overshadowed by so many wandering opinions.

        • I had no doubt the child was raped. I’m in Idaho and have followed the local reports plus WND, who had been the first on the scene. I read most of the 3050 words trying to find the information the other media missed. I was interested in the No Contact Order (restraining/protective order) issue because I am familiar with Idaho NCO law.

    • You nailed it.
      If there is an investigation pending, it should not be surprising, or troubling, that a police detective would refuse to discuss it with a reporter. It would be very concerning if he did, as it could compromise the case.

    • I thought the article was clear. This child was raped. No need for an “opinion” on the matter.

  16. Hire an attorney for the parents and help them sue the detective and everyone that tried to push this rape under the carpet including the B******* in charge Obama himself. After all he is a TRAITOR to the people of the USA and needs to be arrested and tried for TREASON. If it wasn’t for that sack of c**** sitting in the white house this little girl would have never been raped.

  17. Sure hope you can get something done in this case because we sure do t see a thing happening! Thank you! Please plesse help our community!

  18. Deeply saddened, enraged & disappointed in the direction our country is taking, not enforcing our constitution but apparently honoring shariah laws from foreign invaders.

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