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2 Plane Crashes in 2 Days

Further information will be released when it’s available.


2 Plane Crashes in 2 Days

On Saturday, June 25th at just after 3:00 PM, the Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) responded to a thickly forested area near Horsehaven for a reported airplane crash. A passerby was driving through the area and saw the wreckage off the road.

Horsehaven is located off Forest Service Road (FSR) 209 and FSR 794, the area is about 40 miles east of Coeur d’Alene by vehicle.

A back-country deputy and KCSO Volunteer Search and Rescue personnel patrolling the area were within a mile of the crash scene and on scene within minutes of the report. The downed plane was about 25 yards up a steep embankment off FSR 794. The deputy was able to confirm that the pilot (sole occupant) was deceased in the plane.

The pilot involved in the plane crash on Saturday afternoon has been identified as 70 year old Kenneth D. Chapman of Spokane, WA.

Chapman had been flying alone in his 1966 Cessna 185 airplane when, for an unknown reason, he crashed into a thickly wooded hillside. The cause of the crash remains under investigation.

On Sunday, June 26th at about 1:00 PM, Sheriff’s deputies responded to the report of a second downed airplane, this one into Hayden Lake.

Once deputies arrived on scene, they learned that 75 year old Terry L. Holman of Spokane, WA was attempting to land his 1978 fixed wing Cessna float plane when he crashed into the lake, near Chicken Point.

Mr. Holman’s plane flipped upside down in the water. He was able to climb out on his own and was brought to shore by some boaters in the area. Holman suffered non-life threatening injuries and was transported for care to Kootenai Health.

Preliminary investigation into the cause of the crash revealed that his (dry land) landing gear was in the down position when he attempted to land in the water, causing him to flip over.

Further information will be released when it’s available.


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