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David Wilson for Naples Precinct Committeeman

Vote for David Wilson Tuesday, May 17 for Naples Precinct Committeeman


David Wilson for Naples Precinct Committeeman

WilsonWith elections coming up Tuesday, May 17th, people will be able to vote for a new Naples Precinct Committeeman. David Wilson is on the ballot and we were able to gain some insight on this interesting and diverse candidate

David Wilson is a proud father of four, with an amazing wife he has been married to for 21 years. With God at the center of their lives, David and his family have been involved with several churches helping with community projects and playing in the worship band.

Wilson moved his family to Naples on May 23, 2009. He loves the people, culture, and landscape. With the help of his kids, he built their two story A frame house. His family has been off grid since they moved here utilizing solar power. He enjoys raising animals and plants with his kids and David frequently has BBQs where many, if not all, of the ingredients served are raised on their small farm.

Recently, David and his family hatched chickens from an incubator. When asked about the process David said, “It was fun and a great learning experience to watch movies and documentaries with my kids showing us the stages of development, from embryo to hatching. It was satisfying to not only learn about the miracle of life, but to witness it first hand. It was amazing!”

David worked with South Boundary Fire as a volunteer for a year and was on Boundary Search and Rescue for two years. He is currently an active member of Oath Keepers as the Engineering Coordinator and frequents the local Emergency Preparedness group. Education is important to David as well as God, family, freedom, and the Constitution.

David believes many of the problems we have are because we have drifted away from the foundations that makes us so strong. David thinks that our liberties are slowly being eroded away to forge a large and out of control federal government. He also thinks an obvious solution for this problem is to take our country back at the local level, from the bottom up.

When asked to go into detail, Wilson responded, “We the People have been sold a lie. That more government means more security. That we need to give up our rights to become safe and secure. Not only is that a fallacy, its tyranny. Grassroot organizations, cooperation, and collaboration is the answer to safety and security. These are our lands, our neighborhoods and nobody knows how to use them or safeguard them like the locals who live here.

Obviously we all have a difference of opinion yet the basic premise for happiness and liberty applies to us all. The strength of any structure is its foundation, WE are that foundation.” When elected, David wants to set up monthly meetings to report on the local, state, national, and world issues to find solutions. David would like to be a part of these solutions.

Vote for David Wilson Tuesday, May 17 for Naples Precinct Committeeman.