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Trump Comes To The American Redoubt

“I am representing you people, and we're doing a helluva job.”

Donald Trump True

Trump Comes To The American Redoubt

Donald TrumpOn Saturday May 7th, Donald Trump arrived in Spokane, Washington, greeted by many admirers. However, admirers weren’t the only ones who arrived at this rally as a line of protesters also addressed him. As they were mostly adults, it was disappointing to see them focus on trivial issues like his hair, instead of rising to a mature level to discuss his policies.

It was a private function paid for by Trump; only open to supporters, or those who were still trying to decide. Roughly 4,000 people showed up to hear what he had to say. Protesters were not allowed, therefore, when a Bernie Sanders fan started heckling early in the event, he was dragged out by security personnel.Donald Trump

There were several local political favorites in attendance to show support for the presumptive Republican nominee. Spokane Valley City Councilman Ed Pace began the event with an invocation, asking that the “Walls of Jericho” put up by the establishment “come tumbling down.”

Spokane City Councilman Mike Fagan led the Pledge of Allegiance. State Sen. Brian Dansel of Republic, Spokane County Prosecutor Larry Haskell and Josh Kerns, Candidate for the Spokane County Commission, all showed their support for the candidate.

Donald TrumpDonald Trump finally entered to thunderous applause. The crowd chanted his name and he turned it into chanting “USA! USA!” An accomplished speaker, he captivated the people for around an hour, hitting all the topics they wanted to hear.

He spoke of the Democratic front runner. “She’s playing the woman’s card,” he said, and the crowd agreed that he’d be a better candidate for women than Hillary Clinton. He also told everyone that he has received the endorsement of the miners in West Virginia; a big deal after Hillary basically said that she wants all miners to be fired.

Trump did speak to the very heart of the Redoubt when he praised the timber industry. “Few people use more timber than Donald Trump,” he said. “The number of timber jobs in the state of Washington has been cut in half!”

Donald Trump
Supporters of all ages

He also echoed the current feelings of the majority in the Redoubt when he addressed the Syrian refugees arriving in Spokane: “We don’t want them here.” Then, he drove his point home by saying, “We can’t be the stupid country anymore!”

Trump also promised to get rid of Common Core and Obamacare, as well as promising to strengthen the military, an initiative that was cheered by those in attendance.

The most disappointing aspect of the rally were the people in the press box who reacted like typical liberal media. They ignored his speech, preferring to concentrate on nearly anything but what Trump actually said.

Donald Trump
Media ignoring Trump’s speech

Television reporters could be seen recording their reports with Trump still speaking in the background, ignoring the issues that he was currently addressing. Other reporters could be seen focused on their laptops and tablets, with one actually on Facebook. Early reports had the media counting the crowd from a ‘few hundred’ to over 8,000. Little attention was paid to Trump, or the other speakers.

After seeing the disrespect shown here, it is no wonder that Trump called the media “The world’s most dishonest people.”

Despite the response of the liberal media, Trump was able to raise the crowd level when he said, “This political correctness is killing our country.”

“I’m the messenger,” he declared. “I am representing you people, and we’re doing a helluva job.”

Donald Trump

by Shari Dovale and Bret Roush
Sharyl Dovale contributed to this article.