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To Republicans in our area

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To Republicans in our area

For years Republicans in our area believed that we were a solidly “red” state and especially so in North Idaho’s Legislative District 1.
It took the change to a closed primary to reveal the fallacy of that.  Almost immediately Democrats lamented the fact that they couldn’t vote for “their” favorite incumbents anymore without having to register as Republicans.  Foremost among their favorites? Senator Shawn Keough.  Letters began appearing in the Daily Bee urging Democrats to do just that to keep her in office so she could continue to fulfill their agenda. Voter registrations told the tale, and it was a wake-up call for conservatives.  In 2014 Keough came within inches of losing her seat.
Since then she has doubled down on her liberal votes, only occasionally sprinkling them with a conservative one.  It is time to put an end to her deception.  Please vote for Glenn Rohrer, a true conservative, on May 17.
Anita Perry

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