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Skills Inc Targets Marine Corps Vet

Do not allow the Socialist-Progressive-Liberal-Communists to silence our voices.

Skills Inc

Skills, Inc Targets Marine Corps Vet

by Shari Dovale

Skills Inc. does not like their employees to speak out about Liberty and Freedom. At least that seems to be what they are saying to Edward Krumpe.

Krumpe is a lead inspector at the Washington-based aerospace parts supplier, and has worked for the company for 5 and a half years. They currently employ about 800 people.

Skills Inc.
Edward Krumpe

Shortly after arriving for his shift on Friday, Krumpe was called into the Human Resources department by his supervisor, Mark Bentley, to meet with the company CEO, Todd Dunnington.

The problem stemmed from Krumpe’s choice of T-shirt. Skills Inc does not have a dress code against T-shirts, quite the opposite. It is standard attire for the workers. After he explained the meaning of the phrase “Molon Labe” to the pair, Dunnington told Krumpe that the message was offensive.

Krumpe tried to ask about a coworker’s shirt that advertised a picture of ‘Che Guevara‘ being offensive, yet Dunnington dismissed that issue as not relevant to the discussion. Apparently, it is okay with Skills Inc to depict Fidel Castro’s chief executioner, but supporting the US Constitution, and the second amendment, is not.

skills incHe ordered Krumpe to change his shirt to a very hot sweatshirt. Please note that this was not the first time Krumpe had worn this very shirt to work. It had been a regular part of his wardrobe for over a year. Yet, it suddenly became offensive. Based on the high levels of heat on the factory floor, Krumpe refused to wear the sweatshirt.

The two then explained to Krumpe that there were other workers that felt threatened by his attire, and they did not feel safe around him.

Threatened by a piece of cloth? Really? First it is chalk, and now it is cloth.

But the attacks did not stop there. Dunnington next took issue with Edward’s truck. It was displaying the Finicum Brand and the US Flag, inverted. Krumpe was told that he was disrespecting the veterans by flying the flag upside-down, yet Krumpe is a veteran, having served in the United States Marine Corps.

Mr. Krumpe insists that he is correct, as it states in the US Flag Code, Section 8, “The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.”

The government is not protecting the people, as they are mandated to do. Instead they are silencing them in the most extreme ways, like our friend, LaVoy Finicum. I call that extreme danger.

skills inc
Finicum Brand

“The CEO tells me just to go home and ordered me to clean up my truck.” Krumpe tells us.

Dunnington made it very clear to Edward that there is a new set of rules that he must follow, and that is he is not allowed to wear any shirts that are not “plain”. This rule is not being implemented for any other employee, just Krumpe, and his job is on the line if he does not obey.

Left-Wing extremism is on the rise in this country, and they are trying to stomp out anyone that upholds the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights, all in the name of ‘Diversity’ and Safe-Spaces. This extremism is swallowing our Freedom and Liberty.

Skills Inc has targeted a United States Marine veteran for honoring his oath. They are attempting to silence his freedom of speech.

Patriots, we cannot allow the country to be lost. LaVoy gave his life for freedom. Edward Krumpe is threatened with losing his livelihood. His family’s welfare is at stake.

We must stand up and be counted. Do not allow the Left-Wing Hate groups, the Socialist-Progressive-Liberal-Communists, to silence our voices.

We The People Can Do This!

I was sent the following message, from Jeanette Finicum, widow of LaVoy:

“Fellow Americans the “powers that be” are gathering together to squash those of us who are standing with a voice. LaVoy gave his life willingly for liberty. He stood up and is an example to us all, his sacrifice is inspiring others to do the same in their own sphere and in their own way. People are taking courage and standing for the return of our liberties. Please stand up and help Eddie Krumpe as his employer is trying to squash his voice, his right to express his feelings by threatening his employment. Let’s all stand together and be a voice for those who are beginning to be targeted. We can do this! Stand with faith, Stand with Courage, We the People can do this!”

5 Comments on Skills Inc Targets Marine Corps Vet

  1. Actually under the Constitution and current federal law as a private company that Owner can say this speech is acceptable and that speech is not on his own property as long as it does not impact any _federally protected_ guidelines such as “race, religion, etc.”

    In my company all employees were required to wear tee-shirts with American flags on them (which I purchased by the way) on Cinco de Mayo. They were not allowed to wear any Mexican flag gear. I don’t really care about Mexican nationalism and think people can be proud of where they are from. I did that in response to violent Mexican racists attacking high school children for wearing American flag tee shirts on Cinco da Mayo here in the US. Oh by the way, being sick on days and not supporting company policy was a reason for me to fire you. I live in a Right to Work state where I could fire you for any reason or no reason.

    If I create another company here in the Redoubt (I am sick of employees for now and like to simply work for myself) you would be allowed to wear Christian themed tee-shirts but not Satanist themed tee-shirts. What a property owner does with his property, i.e. his business is his business (as long as you keep in the lines of federally protected stuff). Work is not a place for your “freedom of speech.” The issue is this guy works for a progressive apparently.

  2. If he had trampled or burned the US flag (like La Raza rioters) it would have been ‘freedom of speech. If he wore a Che, Malcom-X or pro-homo T-shirt, it would have been ‘celebrated’. ‘Some feel threatened…’ FEELINGS are not FACTS. This pandering to the hand-wringing sissies is going to stop – it’s just a matter of when and how brutally.

  3. This crap has to stop. America first or leave. Bring back patriotism and stand for what is right.

  4. So a co-worker can wear a shirt with Che Guevara’s ugly puss on it, who was a known racist and homophobic? There is something desperately wrong with this company that Mr. Edwards works for.

    • Judging by the companies webpage, I suspect they are receiving huge grants from Mother America Government to do what they are doing. But, then they are located in the Soviet Socialist Republic of Seattle. Yep, 1st Amendment is offensive, except when they want it. Molon Labe indeed!

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