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Sheryl Nuxoll for Senate, Idaho District 7

She is asking for your vote on May 17th.


Sheryl Nuxoll for Senate, Idaho District 7

Sheryl Nuxoll has been your District 7 Senator for the past 6 years. She is concerned about Federal overreach, and maintains a focus on state sovereignty, private property rights, gun rights, right to life, religious freedom and traditional family values.

When asked to discuss her reelection for the Idaho Senate, she sent her entire resume for you to view. Nuxoll wants you to see why she is asking for your vote on May 17th.


Born and raised in Cottonwood, I worked as a bookkeeper for my father, owner and manager of Hoene Implements (International Harvester Co.) in Cottonwood, Grangeville, and Pierce, during my high school and college years.

In 1975, I married Felix Nuxoll, a local farmer/rancher. For the next 40 years, we managed a family farm/ranch, during which I have been the bookkeeper, tax consultant, and hay coordinator. I helped raised cattle and horses which includes feeding, selling, horse training, hauling, etc

Felix and I have raised a family of 4 girls and 2 boys on the family farm. Along with their attendance at public schools and private school, I homeschooled these 6 children for a period of 12 years. We have 4 grandchildren.


Bachelor of Business degree from Gonzaga University, magna cum laude, obtaining a CPA license within a year of graduation.

Work Experience:

After graduation from college, I worked as an accountant for a CPA firm in Boise. In Cottonwood, I worked for a CPA and St Mary’s hospital business office until we started raising children.

In 2008, the opportunity arrived to teach part-time at a private school. I taught high school for 2 years. Those classes include history and morality classes.

In 2010, I was elected State Senator and have been working in that capacity for six years.

Civic Activities:

1992-1994 President of Christian Mothers, Cottonwood

Member of Idaho County Cattlemen’s Association

Public Offices Held:

Idaho County Republican Central Committee 2008-2012

Why voters should vote for me and my top priorities.

Overreach is occurring in our federal government, but faith in God gives hope for our country and state. I want to serve the citizens of District 7 in the Senate out of a sense of duty, not as a career in politics. My focus is on state sovereignty, private property rights, gun rights, right to life, religious freedom and traditional family values. My desire and goal is restoring the great American dream of “less government, more opportunity” by adhering to our State and Federal Constitutions.

For 6 years now in the Idaho State Senate, I have been battling for our rights, yours and mine. I am proud of the fact I have been defending your rights on the Senate floor in speech and vote, as my voting record shows. I am only running because I love my country, my state, and my people and I am concerned that we may lose our inalienable rights very subtly and slowly. My experience is my trust in my people, my constituents, who have been faithful by informing me, guiding me, and trusting me in my position to represent them in the great state of Idaho.

These principles I apply to my voting.

  1. DEFEND PROPERTY RIGHTS– because that guarantees choice and opportunity. A man has to be able to provide for himself and family to prosper.
  2. RESPECT THE DIGNITY OF THE PERSONall of us are created in the image of God and have certain unalienable rights to lifeAn example I sponsored is the ULTRASOUND BILL which gives people an informed choice, and I also cosponsored IDAHO UNBORN INFANTS DIGNITY ACT.
  3. UPHOLD CONSTITUTIONALITY— An example would be the 2nd amendment, gun rights, in which I cosponsored the CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY BILL.
  4. MAINTAIN 10th AMENDMENT STATE SOVEREIGNTY–Stability and security are needed for a just order for protection—An example I cosponsored is THE LANDS BILL, which allows for multiple use and sustained yield for any land received from the feds.
  5. KEEP CONTROL LOCAL, in other words, the government closest to the situation would make the best judgmentsIdaho should be making the plan for sage grouse or wolves, not the feds.
  6. USE SOLIDARITYWe have an innate need as humans to form societies and communities for the common good—such as helping each other put out firesI sponsored the FOREST ABATEMENT BILL which allows counties to demand that the health, safety and welfare of the people are protected from fires, polluted air and water, and loss of wildlife.