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Redoubt News IDAHO PRIMARY Endorsements

Please turn to Redoubt News for Primary Election results.



Redoubt News IDAHO PRIMARY Endorsements

Please turn to Redoubt News for Election results here.

We have deliberately stayed out of the circus they call the ‘Presidential’ elections. When the conventions are over, we will weigh in on that race.

Having emphasized that the local elections are the most important to the citizens, as those elections will directly affect each and every person by way of regulations, taxes, etc. we have been asked to show our list of endorsements in various districts and specific races.

We have not made decisions on every seat, for differing reasons. As this is a primary election, with the general due in November, if a candidate does not have a challenger, we did not look at that ballot. There are some contested races on which we have not weighed in, mostly due to not having enough information to adequately respond on both candidates.

Here are some of our thoughts for this upcoming Primary in Idaho, scheduled for May 17th: Please consider these people when you are researching your liberty candidates.

We will begin with a few County elections, mostly because I don’t want these to get lost in the shuffle.

Boundary County

Commissioners District 2 – Donna Capurso

Sheriff – Dave Schuman

Bonner County

Commissioners District 2 – Todd Sudick

Commissioners District 3 – Dan McDonald

Sheriff – Daryl Wheeler

Kootenai County

Commissioners District 3 – Bob Bingham

Sheriff – John Green

Federal & Judicial:

US REP DIST 1 – Raul R. Labrador

Supreme Court Justice – Curt McKenzie

State Candidates:

Legislative District # 2

State Representative, Position A – Vito Barbieri

State Representative, Position B – Alan Littlejohn

Legislative District # 5

State Representative, Position A – Carl Berglund

Legislative District # 7

State Senator – Sheryl L Nuxoll

State Representative, Position A – Shannon McMillan

State Representative, Position B – Kris L. Steneck

Legislative District # 9

State Senator – Viki Purdy

State Representative, Position B – Judy Boyle

Legislative District # 11

State Senator – Zach Brooks

State Representative, Position A – Tammy Nichols

Legislative District # 13

State Representative, Position B – Alan C. Jones

Legislative District # 14

State Representative, Position A – Mike Moyle

Legislative District # 15

State Representative, Position B – Rod W. Beck

Legislative District # 22

State Senator – Lori Den Hartog

Legislative District # 23

State Representative, Position A – Christy Zito

Legislative District # 25

State Representative, Position A – Reggy A. Sternes

Legislative District # 28

State Representative, Position B – Jason West

Legislative District # 33

State Representative, Position B – Bryan N. Zollinger

Legislative District # 34

State Representative, Position A – Ron Nate

Legislative District # 35

State Representative, Position B – Karey Hanks



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