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Packer vs. West Legislative Race Heats Up

Contention between Packer and West started during the 2015 legislative session.

Packer vs West

 Packer vs. West Legislative Race Heats Up

The winner-take-all race for the District 28 Idaho House seat gained attention and momentum this week when retired Utah Jazz legend John Stockton endorsed Pocatello resident Dr. Jason West in his bid for the legislative seat currently held by McCammon resident Kelley Packer.

Teamwork, results and trust. These are important to me and they should be important to you in Southeast Idaho,” Stockton wrote in his endorsement.

Packer vs West
Dr. Jason West

West’s patient base and list of supporters include Don Aslett/Museum of Clean, former NBA All-star Mark Eaton, Forbes author Jonathan Sprinkles, N.Y. Times best-selling author Garrett Gunderson, film producer Jeff Hays and Greg Heister from ESPN.

West, a Republican, said he dove into the race against Packer, also a Republican, because he felt he had been mistreated by legislators.

Under Idaho code, credentialed naturopaths and chiropractors can prescribe a broad variety of naturopathic medicines and the chiropractic code that West operates under is known as Rule 20.

In March, West said Packer set the tone for the campaign when she posted a statement on Facebook accusing West of perpetuating lies and misinformation about her.

Contention between Packer and West, who are both Republicans, started during the 2015 legislative session, when Packer said discussions about the practice of naturopathy and the statutes regulating that industry in the state commenced.

Packer vs West
Kelley Packer

Packer said disagreements surrounding the industry, its licensing requirements, board makeup, scope of practice and education requirements had existed for years.

Because they did not find consensus, Packer said, there was no operating board and no viable license. Therefore, they were in violation of Idaho law.

But West said the Idaho’s Naturopathic Practice Act of 2012 regulates the industry statewide. West said the attorney general issued an opinion on the act in 2015 stating that licenses issued under the act are valid and are not in violation of any Idaho law.

West accused Packer of threatening to push for even more extensive naturopathic regulations if he continued to voice his opposition.

Packer is seeking third term in District 28, there is no Democratic challenger in the race.


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