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Not Business as Usual in the State of Idaho

“We The People are coming and liberty will prevail!”

business as usual

No More Business as Usual in the State of Idaho

A conservative wave swept through Idaho after the primary on May 17th as voters in county after county elected conservative precinct committeeman in their districts who in turn elected conservative Republican County Central Committee Chairmen along with Legislative District and Regional Chairmen.

business as usual
Danielle Ahrens

I was unanimously elected as the Legislative District One Chairman of Boundary and Bonner County so I will be going to the Idaho State Republican Convention along with several hundred other delegates to be held at the Ford Center in Nampa next week.

What has happened is that We The People are sick and tired of business as usual and, as we carpool down in our cars and trucks from all over state, we at the grassroots level are demanding a return to our principles and values on state and local levels. As Idahoans we elect our Republican officials to protect and stand for individual and state sovereignty because we are a representative republic, not a democracy, and when they don’t, or won’t, they have to go.

The motto of the convention is Faith, Family, Freedom…..Firearms.

At the convention we decide on rules, resolutions, platform credentials and the delegates for the National Republican Convention to choose our presidential nominee. We also will elect a State Chairman, 1st and 2nd Congressional Vice Chairmen, Secretary, Treasurer and National State Committeewoman and State Committeeman.

These elections will set the tone, direction and policy for the next two years in the state for Republican politics. I expect to see a strong stance of Liberty taken by the delegates from the grassroots up, and that will be reflected in the elections.

Please know that your efforts matter, your voice matters, your votes matter because I and others could not be in our elected positions making a difference without you. The left wants you to believe that you are insignificant and just a cog in the machine. Never stop believing in the power of one because you affect change.

My advice to the candidates running this weekend in Nampa at the Convention is “We The People are coming and liberty will prevail!”

by Danielle Ahrens
Legislative District One Republican Chairman

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  1. The statement about the power pof one struck a chord with me. Even if shat you do is so insignificant that you do not think it makes a difference, it still ripples across the community, state, nation and the world. You never know what you do or say effects every one that comes into contact with your efforts. When some one ask me what can one person do? I answer with, “Have you ever heard of a man called Jesus Christ? He was only one man but look at the effect world wide and over two millennia that he has had on mankind. Weather or not if he was really the son of a god, he has had a tremendous effect on the world.”

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