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True to form, “Lying Lewie” continues to deny his shady shenanigans when he was a commissioner at forums and on talk radio. However, his posturing can be readily revealed and proven to be dishonest by reviewing the minutes of the Board of Bonner County Commissioners’ meetings, which are available to the public. In addition, the Bonner Daily Bee has many articles documenting the antics of “Lying Lewie” done for political expediency. In particular, see articles published 8-25-11 and 9-28-11.

The contemporary writer Haruki Murakami said it best, “Once you start lying to the public, you have to keep lying. It never ends. You have to keep tweaking the truth to make it all fit together.”

Vote Dan McDonald for trustworthy and positive leadership!

Mike A. Nielsen
Retired Bonner County Commissioner District 2

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